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      Research progress and future directions of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-plant-rhizosphere microbial interaction
      CHU Wei, GUO Xinlai, ZHANG Chen, ZHOU Liuting, WU Zeyan, LIN Wenxiong
      2022, 30(11): 1709-1721. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220093
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      Temporal and spatial characteristics of nutrient flow and losses of the crop-livestock system in Baiyangdian Basin
      YANG Wenbao, YANG Jing, ZHAO Zhanqing, ZHANG Jianjie, WEI Jing
      2022, 30(11): 1722-1736. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220181
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      Analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics and driving forces of vegetation cover in the Hutuo River Basin based on the geographic detector
      DING Yongkang, YE Ting, CHEN Kang
      2022, 30(11): 1737-1749. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220309
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      Research progress on photo-physiological mechanisms and characteristics of canopy microenvironment in the formation of intercropping advantages
      FAN Hong, YIN Wen, CHAI Qiang
      2022, 30(11): 1750-1761. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220660
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      Eco-physiological mechanisms of silicon in alleviating the biotic and abiotic stresses in plants
      QIAN Cheng, LI Xin’e, ZHAO Xin, LIU Dalin, WANG Lin
      2022, 30(11): 1762-1773. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220112
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      Effect of coated urea type and fertilization pattern on lodging resistance and yield of wheat following rice
      MA Quan, QIAN Chencheng, JIA Wenxin, WU Yulei, LI Chunyan, DING Jinfeng, ZHU Min, GUO Wenshan, ZHU Xinkai
      2022, 30(11): 1774-1783. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220195
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      Effects of soil water restriction on root growth and root morphology of perennial ryegrass and pasture brome
      ZHANG Yongmei, HU Haiying, BAI Xiaoming, Matthew CORY, García-Favre JAVIER, Ordóñez IVÁN P
      2022, 30(11): 1784-1794. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220336
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      Interactive effects of drought and salt stresses on the growth and physiological characteristics of Thinopyrum ponticum
      ZHANG Rui, FENG Xiaohui, WU Yujie, SUN Qi, LI Jing, LI Jingsong, LIU Xiaojing
      2022, 30(11): 1795-1806. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220185
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      Community characteristics of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in the rhizosphere of Fusarium wilt-diseased cucumber caused by continuous greenhouse cultivation
      ZHENG Chenmeng, LIU Xing, ZHANG Ying, REN Xiujuan, CHEN Bihua, WANG Fei, SHEN Changwei, WU Dafu
      2022, 30(11): 1807-1818. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220002
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      Effects of chloroform fumigation on soil organic carbon mineralization in purple soil farmland
      MA Han, WANG Xiaoguo
      2022, 30(11): 1819-1826. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220182
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      Environmental risk and cost restraint mechanism for incorporating large quantities of vegetable residues into fields in semi-arid area of the Loess Plateau
      ZHANG Guangquan, BA Yin, DU Yuming, LI Fengmin, XUE Wei
      2022, 30(11): 1827-1841. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220435
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      Research on influencing factors and prediction of agricultural carbon emission in Henan Province under the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality goal
      GAO Chenxi, LU Qiuping, OU Nianqing, HU Qingping, LIN Xue, BAO Lingxin
      2022, 30(11): 1842-1851. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220267
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      Agricultural input-output efficiency and the potential reduction of emissions in Henan Province at the county scale
      ZHU Yongbin, MA Xiaozhe, SHI Yajuan
      2022, 30(11): 1852-1861. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220219
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      Impacts of agricultural infrastructure on ecology total factor productivity of grain from the perspective of environmental regulation
      LI Ziqiang, YE Weijiao, MEI Dong, ZHENG Ciwen
      2022, 30(11): 1862-1876. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220214
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      Influence of consumption motivation and consumption habit on premium payment intention of ecological agricultural products using green manure-rice as an example
      LI Fuduo, YIN Changbin
      2022, 30(11): 1877-1890. DOI: 10.12357/cjea.20220337
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