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      Grazing rate effect on major plant population niches in artificially mixed-sown alpine grassland
      DONG Quan-Min, ZHAO Xin-Quan, MA Yu-Shou
      2007, 15(5): 1-6.
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      Interspecific association of dominant tree populations in Phoebe bournei forest with disturbance
      SU Xiao-Qin, LIN Si-Zu, HUANG Shi-De
      2007, 15(5): 7-10.
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      Meteorological environment of brew grapes in edge-desert and their response to ecological environment
      MA Xing-Xiang, WEI Yu-Guo, JIANG Ju-Fang
      2007, 15(5): 11-16.
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      Occurrence of frost temperature in Huanghuai wheat production zone after winter wheat elongation
      ZHONG Xiu-Li, WANG Dao-Long, ZHAO Peng, YAN Xu-Yu, SU Chang-Hong
      2007, 15(5): 17-20.
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      Relationship between humidity,temperature and bisexual flower ratio of Kate mango
      OU Shi-Jin, ZHU Jian-Hua, PENG Hong-Xiang, HUANG Tai-Ming, HE Quan-Guang, XU Ning, HE Xin-Hua
      2007, 15(5): 21-25.
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      Effects of regulated deficit irrigation on soil phosphorus nutrients in spring wheat field
      ZHANG Bu-Chong
      2007, 15(5): 26-29.
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      Effects of incorporating rice straw into the soil on soil nitrogen supply and rice yield under different irrigation systems
      PENG Ying-Xiang, WANG Kai-Rong, PENG Na, XIE Xiao-Li, SHE Dong-Li, LIU Ying-Xin
      2007, 15(5): 30-33.
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      Effects of soil permeability on root growth and nitrogen utilization in rice
      CHEN Hui-Zhe, ZHU De-Feng, LIN Xian-Qing, ZHANG Yu-Ping
      2007, 15(5): 34-37.
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      Effects of soil drought on root growth and physiological characteristics of winter wheat seedlings
      SHAN Chang-Juan, LIANG Zong-Suo
      2007, 15(5): 38-41.
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      Impact of alternative methyl bromide technology on soil nutrient and microbial biomass carbon in tomato greenhouse
      CHEN Yun-Feng, CAO Zhi-Ping, YU Yong-Li
      2007, 15(5): 42-45.
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      Influence of transparent film mulch, soil type and organic soil amendmenton on temperature of soil under solarization for root-knot nematode control
      HOU Mao-Lin, LIU Xiao-Ying
      2007, 15(5): 46-50.
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      Effects of different phosphate-dissolving groups of microorganism on soil nutrient and enzymatic activity in rape
      HONG Jian-Ping, HAO Jing, BI Li-Zhi, XIE Ying-He, LIU Bing
      2007, 15(5): 51-54.
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      Characteristics of soil enzyme activities and their relationships with soil properties in southern Ningxia Loess hilly region
      AN Shao-Shan, HUANG Yi-Mei, LIU Meng-Yun
      2007, 15(5): 55-58.
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      Variability in soil moisture under five land use types in Karst hillslope territory
      FU Wei, CHEN Hong-Song, WANG Ke-Lin
      2007, 15(5): 59-62.
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      Effects of different manure management practices on soil carbon and basal respiration
      HU Cheng, CAO Zhi-Ping, HU Chan-Juan, WANG Jin-Kai
      2007, 15(5): 63-66.
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      Risk potential of secondary soil salinization by repeated application of chicken and pigeon manure
      YAO Li-Xian, LI Guo-Liang, HE Zhao-Huan, FU Chang-Ying
      2007, 15(5): 67-72.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of fertilizer application mode on edaphon in black soil in Songnen Plain
      YU Hong-Yan, WANG Hong-Yan, HAN Xiao-Ying, BAI Tao
      2007, 15(5): 73-75.
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      Effect of fertilization on soil ammonia volatilization in spring corn fields
      LI Hong-Mei, GUAN Chun-Lin, ZHOU Huai-Ping, YANG Zhi-Ping, XIE Wen-Yan
      2007, 15(5): 76-79.
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      Red-edge characteristics of winter wheat canopy spectra
      DAI Hui, HU Chun-Sheng, CHENG Yi-Song
      2007, 15(5): 80-83.
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      Nutrition utilization rate of muskmelon in organic substrate culture under solar greenhouse
      GAO Jun-Jie, YU Xian-Chang, JIAO Zi-Gao, WANG Chong-Qi, DONG Yu-Mei
      2007, 15(5): 84-86.
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      Organic acid metabolism in nectarine fruit development under protected cultivation
      ZHAO Yong-Hong, LI Xian-Li, JIANG Ze-Sheng, WANG Chang-Jian, YANG Fu-Lin
      2007, 15(5): 87-89.
      Abstract PDF
      Simulation of dynamic water transport in peach in different soil types in the Loess Plateau
      GAO Zhao-Quan, ZHANG Xian-Chuan, ZHONG Xia, LI Tian-Hong
      2007, 15(5): 90-93.
      Abstract PDF
      Change in growth and nutrition compostion of domesticated Allium mongolicum
      LIU Shi-Zeng, JIANG Zhi-Rong, MA Quan-Lin, YAN Zi-Zhu, HE Fang-Yin
      2007, 15(5): 94-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Experimentation of Curcuma wenyujin in different soil conditions
      HE Xun-Yang, CAO Jian-Hua, LU Mei-Gui
      2007, 15(5): 98-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of high temperature on jasmonic acid (JA) concentration and antioxidation of Anthurium andraeanum seedling leaf
      CAO Dong-Mei, WANG Yun-Shan, KANG Li-Fang, ZHANG Chao, LIU Chen-Bin
      2007, 15(5): 102-104.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of exogenous nitric oxide donor on plasmalemma H+—ATPase and antioxidative enzyme activities of pear infected by Pnysalosproa piricola Nose.
      LIU Zhao-Long, ZHANG Shao-Ling, SUN Yi-Lin, QIAO Yong-Jin
      2007, 15(5): 105-107.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of salt stress on growth and development of Bt transgenic cotton mutants and their parent cultivars
      LI Wei-Qiang, YANG Yan-Min, LI Cun-Zhen, MAO Ren-Zhao, LIU Xiao-Jing
      2007, 15(5): 108-111.
      Abstract PDF
      Physiological and biochemical characteristics of leaf blade on different age branches of Lycium barbarum L. under salt stress
      LIN Hai-Ming, ZHANG You-Fu, JIA Hui-Xian, XIAO Wen
      2007, 15(5): 112-114.
      Abstract PDF
      Prawn adaptability to saline-alkali soda lakes of northeast China
      YANG Fu-Yi, LI Xiu-Jun, ZHAO Chun-Sheng, CHEN Yuan
      2007, 15(5): 115-119.
      Abstract PDF
      Physio-chemical mechanism of cadmium tolerance of Chinese cabbage (Brassica chinensis)
      WANG Song-Liang, CHEN Xuan-Yang, CHEN Hui, CHEN Dong-Mei, WANG Feng-Ji, GAO Wen-Xia, ZHANG Zhi-Jian, WANG Jian-Ming
      2007, 15(5): 120-124.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of La on corn seedling growth under Cd stress
      LIU Bing, YANG Li, ZHOU Qing
      2007, 15(5): 125-127.
      Abstract PDF
      Systematic parameter analysis of main crop water use in Beijing metropolis
      ZHENG Yu, CHEN Fu, ZHANG Hai-Lin, LI Yu-Yi, TANG Heng, KANG Jun
      2007, 15(5): 128-131.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on elevated-temperature planting technique in sweet and glutinous corn
      WANG Zhan-Zhe, ZHAO Dian-Chen, WANG Gang
      2007, 15(5): 132-134.
      Abstract PDF
      Yield and yield component characteristics of three foxtail millet varieties at different planting densities
      LIU Zheng-Li, CHENG Ru-Hong, ZHANG Feng-Lian, XIA Xue-Yan, SHI Zhi-Gang, ZHANG Yao-Hua
      2007, 15(5): 135-138.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of nutrient accumulation and partitioning in yield formation process of different rice cultivars
      LIN Rui-Yu, LIANG Yi-Yuan, CAI Bi-Qiong, CAI Xiang-Yang, XIAO Mei-Xiu, ZHENG Lu-Duan, LIN Wen-Xiong
      2007, 15(5): 139-146.
      Abstract PDF
      Heterosis of restorer rice lines integrated with Cry1Ab gene and its effect on insect resistance
      DAI Zheng-Yuan, LI Ai-Hong, ZHANG Hong-Xi, ZUO Shi-Min, SHU Qing-Yao
      2007, 15(5): 147-150.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of power plant smoke on soil and crop
      DONG Rong, FU Jia-Yuan
      2007, 15(5): 151-155.
      Abstract PDF
      Bioremediation of nutrient polluted animal culture ponds by seaweed Gracilaria lichenoides.
      XU Yong-Jian, LU Kai-Hong, WEI Wei
      2007, 15(5): 156-159.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological treatment of organic wastewater by terraneous Ipomoea aquatica Forsk
      MENG Chun, SHI Xian-Ai, CHEN Jian-Feng, KE Xiu-Xing, GUO Yang-Hao
      2007, 15(5): 160-162.
      Abstract PDF
      Nutrient recycling efficiency of a two-chamber septage treatment system
      XU Xiao-Feng, YANG Lin-Zhang, XU Hai, ZHOU Xiao-Ping
      2007, 15(5): 163-166.
      Abstract PDF
      Phenolics metabolism in sweet potato infected by Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht.f.sp
      QIU Yong-Xiang, KE Yu-Qin, DAI Hong-Jun, PAN Ting-Guo
      2007, 15(5): 167-170.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of mycorrhizal biodiversity on fine root mass of Cyclobalanopsis chungii and basidiocarp collection of Russula vinosa.
      CHEN Yu-Hang, CHEN Zheng-Ming
      2007, 15(5): 171-173.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of rice-reed-fish model in salinized wetland of west Songnen Plain, China
      LI Xiu-Jun, YANG Fu-Yi, LIU Xing-Tu
      2007, 15(5): 174-177.
      Abstract PDF
      An ecological cost evaluation of agricultural irrigation water consumption in the water-deficient area of Huang-huai-hai Plain--A case study of Luancheng County,Hebei Province
      SUI Peng, CHEN Su-Ying, CHEN Yuan-Quan, WANG Bin-Li, GAO Wang-Sheng
      2007, 15(5): 178-181.
      Abstract PDF
      Analyses of wheat yield potential by AEZ model on the basis of Chinese farming system zonation
      CAI Cheng-Zhi, Harrij van Velthuizen, Guenther Fischer, Sylvia Prieler
      2007, 15(5): 182-184.
      Abstract PDF
      Natural agricultural resources evaluation and agricultural development potentiality analysis in Panxi District
      LIU Xing-Liang, SU Chun-Jiang, XU Yun, ZHANG Jin-Ying
      2007, 15(5): 185-187.
      Abstract PDF
      Spatial distribution and changes of ecological service value of land use in the southern suburb of Datong City
      GUO Qing-Xia, CHEN Huan-Wei, ZHOU Xin
      2007, 15(5): 187-192.
      Abstract PDF
      Correlation between land use pattern and regional ecological carrying capacity of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
      GUO Lin, ZHANG Hao, WANG Xiang-Rong
      2007, 15(5): 193-196.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of the eco-environment quality and resources utilization in opencast coal mine area—A case study of Antaibao Opencast Mine of Pingshuo,Shanxi Province
      MA Xiang-Ai, BAI Zhong-Ke, FENG Liang-Rui
      2007, 15(5): 197-201.
      Abstract PDF
      Economic evaluation of sewage irrigated agricultural lands in the rural suburbs of Beijing.
      YANG Zhi-Xin, ZHENG Da-Wei, FENG Sheng-Dong
      2007, 15(5): 202-205.
      Abstract PDF
      Behavior and environmental impact of soil dissolved organic matter
      YANG Jia-Bo, ZENG Xi-Bai
      2007, 15(5): 206-211.
      Abstract PDF
      Edge effect application in agricultural production
      HE Yan, ZHOU Qing
      2007, 15(5): 212-214.
      Abstract PDF
      Review on Taxus chinensis var.mairei tissue culture research
      HE Kang, FAN Zheng-Qiu, LI Li, WANG Xiang-Rong
      2007, 15(5): 215-218.
      Abstract PDF
      A test for the sensitivity of Populus deltoids Ⅰ-63×Ⅰ-69 to antibiotics
      ZHENG Jin, KANG Wei, LIU Kai-Yu, PENG Jian-Xin, HONG Hua-Zhu
      2007, 15(5): 219-220.
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