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      Research status and its perspective on the properties of rhizosphere biology med iated by allelopathic plants
      LIN Wen-Xiong, XIONG Jun, ZHOU Jun-Jian, QIU Long, SHEN Li-Hua, LI Zhen-Fang, CHEN Hui, HAO Hui-Rong, CHEN Ting, LIN Rui-Yu, HE Hai-Bin, LIANG Yi-Yuan
      2007, 15(4): 1-8.
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      Effect of forest interception on wet pollutant deposition
      TAO Yu-Ping, WU Ning, LUO Peng, LIU Bing, ZHANG Qiao-Ying
      2007, 15(4): 9-12.
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      Undergrowth vegetation niche in scenic-recreational forest communities of Platycladus orientalis and Robinia pseudoacacia in Beijing suburb
      DONG Jian-Wen, ZHAI Ming-Pu, XU Cheng-Yang, ZHANG Zhi-Du, WANG Yan-Xia
      2007, 15(4): 13-17.
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      Characteristics of low-lying wet-grassland evapotranspiration in the middle reach of the inland river basin of Northwest China
      WU Jin-Kui, DING Yong-Jian, WANG Gen-Xu, SHEN Yong-Ping
      2007, 15(4): 18-21.
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      Analysis of the trend of temperature inversion by hill slopes
      ZHANG Hui, CAI Wen-Hua, ZHANG Wei-Guang, LIN Xin-Jian, LAN Zhong-Ming, QIU Xiao-Xuan
      2007, 15(4): 22-25.
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      Effect of urbanization on the temperature of Beijing metropolis in recent 30 years
      ZHENG Zuo-Fang, ZHENG Yan, LI Qing-Chun
      2007, 15(4): 26-29.
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      Spatial variation of available soil medium- and micro-element in Jilin middle plain
      LI Zhi-Bin, CHEN You-Qi, YAO Yan-Min, SHI Shu -Qin
      2007, 15(4): 30-35.
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      Distribution of soil medium- and micro-elements in Fujian tobacco-growing soils
      XIONG De-Zhong, CAI Hai-Yang, ZHANG Ren-Jiao, LI Chun-Ying, CHEN Xing-Feng
      2007, 15(4): 36-38.
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      Chemical forms and transformations of Pb, Cu and Cd in agricultural soils of Changjiang and Zhujiang deltas
      FANG Li-Ping, ZHANG Ming-Kui, CHEN Mei-Na, HUANG Chang-Yong
      2007, 15(4): 39-41.
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      Distribution of Zn and Cu in rock,soil and navel orange tree system in Zigui County, Hubei Province
      LI Xue-Biao
      2007, 15(4): 42-44.
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      Characteristics of soil nutrient distribution in high-altitude meadow ecosystems with different management and degradation scenarios
      LIU Bing, WU Ning, LUO Peng, TAO Yu-Ping
      2007, 15(4): 45-48.
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      Nitrogen cycle and content in plowable soil layer under different land-use types in Dongting Lake region
      HUANG Wei-Sheng, PENG Pei-Qin, HUANG Dao-Yo u, SU Yi-Rong, ZHU Qi-Hong
      2007, 15(4): 49-52.
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      Effects of different land-uses on soil physical and chemical properties in the Loess Plateau of Shanxi Province
      WANG Li, ZHANG Qiang, NIU Xi-Wu, YANG Zhi-Ping, ZHANG Jian -Jie
      2007, 15(4): 53-56.
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      Effects of temperature and soil moisture on soil organic carbon decomposition
      XIA Guo-Fang, ZHANG Lei, WEI Shi, YAN Hong
      2007, 15(4): 57-59.
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      Effect of straw mulching on soil,tea quality and yield of young tea plantations in hilly subtropical regions
      PENG Wan-Xia, SONG Tong-Qing, XIAO Run-Lin, YANG Zhi-Jian, LI Sheng-Hua
      2007, 15(4): 60-63.
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      Effect of incorporating rice straw into the soil on rice growth, soil N and P nutrients under different N and P fertilization models
      PENG Na, WANG Kai-Rong, WANG Kai-Feng, XIE Xiao-Li
      2007, 15(4): 64-67.
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      Effect of fertilization on soil microorganisms and enzyme activity under greenhouse condition
      DU She-Ni, LIANG Yin-Li, XU Fu-Li, ZHANG Cheng-E, CHEN Zhi-Jie
      2007, 15(4): 68-71.
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      Enhancing effects of microbial fertilizer on Dangshan crisp pear quality
      LIU Li-Jun, HONG Jian-Ping, YAN Shuang-Dui, XIE Ying-He
      2007, 15(4): 72-74.
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      Soil moisture condition and dry-layer development under Xi'an southern suburb apple orchard in rainy years
      LI Yu-Qin, ZHAO Jing-Bo
      2007, 15(4): 75-77.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of different slope landscape patterns on spatial and temporal variations of soil water, runoff and sedimentation in Xiaolangdi Reservoir area
      SU Zi-You, WU Wen-Liang, ZHANG Jin-Song, JIANG Guang-Hui, JIA Chang-Rong, LI Jian-Xia, XUE Mao-Sheng, LI Zhong-Fu
      2007, 15(4): 78-81.
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      Study on sweet pepper water requirement under organic soil substrate cultivation in summer season
      HE Chao-Xing, ZHANG Zhi-Bin
      2007, 15(4): 82-85.
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      Polysaccharide content of different vegetative organs of longan plant (Dimocarpus longan Lour.)
      CAI Ying-Qing, LAI Zhong-Xiong, WU Miao-Cong, CHEN Yi-Ting, LI Guo-Qing, GONG Li-Fen, ZHENG Wen-Lu, LIN Xiu-Lian
      2007, 15(4): 86-88.
      Abstract PDF
      Sodium uptake and carbon/nitrogen metabolism by different winter wheat genotypes during germination under salt stress
      ZHAO Xu, WANG Lin-Quan, ZHOU Chun-Ju, SHANG Hao-Bo
      2007, 15(4): 89-93.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of 60Co γ- ray irradiation on Chamaecrista spp. nutrient
      XU Guo-Z hong, ZHENG Xiang-Li, YING Zhao-Yang, HUANG Yi-Bin, WENG Bo-Qi
      2007, 15(4): 94-96.
      Abstract PDF
      Physiological mechanism of alleviating aluminum toxicity in rice seedling root by exogenous organic acids
      SHI Rui-Hong, XIE Guo-Sheng, ZENG Han-Lai, ZHANG Duan-Pin
      2007, 15(4): 97-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Nitrogen and phosphorus removal performance by three planted floats in eutrophic water bodies in winter
      ZHOU Xiao-Ping, XU Xiao-Feng, WANG Jian-Guo, YANG Lin-Zhang
      2007, 15(4): 102-104.
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      Effect of low concentration nonionic surfactants on adsorption behavior of parathion-methyl in sediments
      YANG Cheng-Jian, ZENG Qing-Ru, YANG Hai-Jun, YANG Bo, TANG Zhong-Bo
      2007, 15(4): 105-108.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of 3-methyl-phenol on root weight and productivity in wheat-faba bean intercropping
      CHAI Qiang
      2007, 15(4): 109-112.
      Abstract PDF
      Forecast model for prevalent stripe rust in winter wheat in Shanxi Province
      FAN Shao-Qiang, XIE Xian-Sheng, LI Feng, YIN Qing-Yun, ZHENG Wang-Yi
      2007, 15(4): 113-115.
      Abstract PDF
      Genetic analysis of resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus of wheat germplasms
      CAO Ya-Ping, ZHANG Ming-Yi, NING Dong-Xian, FAN Shao-Qiang
      2007, 15(4): 116-119.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of pest resistant transgenic rice on arthropod community diversity in Fujian Province
      HU Qi-Yong, ZHENG Yu, ZHANG Xiao-Jun, HU Xi-Bin, LI Ben-Jin, LI Yue-Ren
      2007, 15(4): 120-123.
      Abstract PDF
      Dynamics of insect pests and predatory enemy communities in cotton fields in north of the Huaihe River, Anhui Province
      LI Peng, LI Gui-Ting, ZHANG Xin-Cai, JIANG Jun-Qi, WANG Xiang-Yang
      2007, 15(4): 124-129.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of temperature on Paecilomyces lilacinus culture characteristics and its toxicity to Ditylenchus destructor
      LI Fang, LIU Bo, HUANG Su-Fang
      2007, 15(4): 130-133.
      Abstract PDF
      A GIS based analysis of landscape spatial patterns and land use in Karst regions—A case study of Hechi City,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Rigion
      KONG Xiang-Li, WANG Ke-Lin, CHEN Hong-Song, ZHANG Ming-Yang, LI Ren-Dong
      2007, 15(4): 134-138.
      Abstract PDF
      Land use/land cover evolution in recent wetlands in the modern Yellow River Delta
      GUO Du-Fa
      2007, 15(4): 139-143.
      Abstract PDF
      Grey relational analysis and evaluation of integrated benefits of new farming systems on upland red soil
      HUANG Guo-Qin, LIU Xiu-Ying
      2007, 15(4): 144-147.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparison of ecosystem service value of freeway and agriculture—A case study of Southwest Zhengzhou City freeway
      TIAN Guo-Hang, TIAN Yao-Wu, YU Zhen-Rong, XIA Yun, ZHU Hong-Mei
      2007, 15(4): 148-152.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological footprint and dynamics of Xi'an City from 1990 to 2001
      HUANG Qing, WANG Rang-Hui, REN Zhi-Yuan
      2007, 15(4): 153-156.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of ecological and economic benefits of crop production in Jiangsu Province
      SHENG Jing, ZHENG Jian-Chu, CHEN Liu-Gen, MA Kang-Pin
      2007, 15(4): 157-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Emergy analysis of Guangzhou National Agricultural Science and Technology Area.
      CHEN Dong, ZOU Dong-Sheng, LIU Fei
      2007, 15(4): 161-165.
      Abstract PDF
      Setting up evaluation index system for the ecological river course in south China
      CHEN Ping, CUI Guang-Bai, LIU Zheng-Xiang
      2007, 15(4): 166-169.
      Abstract PDF
      Establishment of exportable apple safety pre-warning system
      TIAN Hong-Lei, ZHAN Ping, LI Kai-Xiong
      2007, 15(4): 170-173.
      Abstract PDF
      Cow product evaluation methods of risk analysis
      JIA Yong-Quan
      2007, 15(4): 174-176.
      Abstract PDF
      Integration of scientific research,tourism and exploitation into the concept and management of botanical gardens—A case study of Xinglong botanical garden
      OUYANG Huan.WANG Qing- Huang, WANG Qing-Huang, HUANG Gen-Shen, LONG Yu-Zhou, SONG Ying-Hui
      2007, 15(4): 177-179.
      Abstract PDF
      Advances in cellular toxicological effects of rare earths
      CAO Rui, ZHOU Qing
      2007, 15(4): 180-184.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of elevated CO2on below-ground plant competition
      ZHU Chun-Wu, ZENG Qing, ZHU Jian- Guo, XIE Zu-Bin, HUANG Wen-Zhao, WANG Liang
      2007, 15(4): 185-189.
      Abstract PDF
      Soil quality assessment indicators and their spatial-temporal variability
      LU Peng, SUYi-Rong, NIU Zheng, WU Jin-Shui
      2007, 15(4): 190-194.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of animal micro-ecology nutrition theory in ecological animal husbandry
      SUN Zhi-Hong, TAN Zhi-Liang, TANG Zhi-Ru, TANG Shao-Xun
      2007, 15(4): 195-199.
      Abstract PDF
      Advanced and practicable technology for wastewater bio-treatment
      ZHANG Zhi-Gang, FU Jia-Yuan
      2007, 15(4): 200-203.
      Abstract PDF
      Review of ecological construction policy evaluation
      TAO Wei-Chun, WANG Ke-Lin, CHEN Hong-Song
      2007, 15(4): 204-207.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological effect of growing different street tree species in institutional campuses
      LIU Zhen-Wei, SUN Li, SHEN Jun
      2007, 15(4): 208-210.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of cerium on photosynthesis and protective enzymes in rape seedlings un der elevated ultraviolet - B radiation stress
      LIANG Chan-Juan, ZHOU Qing
      2007, 15(4): 211-212.
      Abstract PDF
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