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      Reconstructing and upgrading of Chinese eco-agriculture oriented to circular economy
      ZHANG Jia-En, LUO Shi-Ming
      2006, 14(4): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      New theory of leisure agriculture and its application in North Fujian
      LIU Rong-Zhang, WENG Bo-Qi, ZENG Yu-Rong, ZHOU Qiong, ZHENG Bai-Long
      2006, 14(4): 5-8.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-environment effects and developing strategies of agriculture-tourism industry
      ZHAI Fu-Shun
      2006, 14(4): 9-11.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of biodiversity on functions and stability of ecosystem
      ZHANG Bu-Chong, LI Feng-Min, HUANG Gao-Bao
      2006, 14(4): 12-15.
      Abstract PDF
      Advances in the studies on drought tolerance mechanism of plants
      SHAO Yan-Jun, SHAN Lun
      2006, 14(4): 16-20.
      Abstract PDF
      Review on studies on the important role of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in agricu lture and livestock production and the factors affecting its efficiency
      ZENG Zhao-Hai, HU Yue-Gao, CHEN Wen-Xin, SUI Xin-Hua, ZHAO Xiao-Meng
      2006, 14(4): 21-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of allelopathy on the continuous cropping of cucumber in horticulture establishments
      LI Ming, SHUI Jun-Feng, MA Yong-Qing
      2006, 14(4): 25-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of Cd pollution in soil and the mechanisms of phytoremediation for soil contamination
      RU Shu-Hua, SU De-Chun, WANG Ji-Qing
      2006, 14(4): 29-33.
      Abstract PDF
      Acid rain monitoring technology in agro-environmental protection
      TAO Li-Hua, ZHOU Qing
      2006, 14(4): 34-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Population patterns of dominant species in Saussurea salsa communities at Qinghai Lake area
      ZHOU Guo-Ying, CHEN Gui-Chen, HAN You-Ji, LI Jin-Ping, WEI Guo-Liang
      2006, 14(4): 38-40.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on production capability of genet of wild compressed limpograss
      LIU Jin-Ping, ZHANG Xin-Quan, CHEN Yong-Xia
      2006, 14(4): 41-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Investigation on the structure of the protective forest belt in sandy area in Maowusu
      GERILE, SIQIN Bi-Li-Ge, JIN Rong
      2006, 14(4): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different harvesting ways on forest landscape ecology
      ZHANG Zheng-Xiong, ZHOU Xin-Nian, CHEN Yu-Feng, QIU Jin-Yuan, ZHAO Chen
      2006, 14(4): 47-50.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of techniques of water harvesting and water conservation on millet planting in semi-arid areas in south Ningxia
      ZHANG De-Qi, LIAO Yun-Cheng, JIA Zhi-Kuan, LIU Shi-Xin, LI Yong-Ping
      2006, 14(4): 51-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on dynamic changes of water contents of soil under different land uses in Liudaogou basin
      LIU Chun-Li, SHAO Ming-An
      2006, 14(4): 54-56.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of productivity of some sub-surface layers of soil profile
      XIE Ying-Ge, XUE Xu-Zhang, WANG Guo-Dong, SHEN Wei-Bo
      2006, 14(4): 57-60.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on current status of soil environmental quality of tea gardens in Jiangsu Province
      ZONG Liang-Gang, ZHOU Jun, LUO Min, LU Li-Jun, FEI Xin-Dong
      2006, 14(4): 61-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of rice straw mulch on ecological environment of soil in organic tea plantation
      WANG Hui-Hai, SHA Li-Qing, YANG Xiao-Dong
      2006, 14(4): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different acidic materials on pH value of calcareous soil
      YAO Xiao-Qin, MA Wen-Qi, CHU Jian -Zhou
      2006, 14(4): 68-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Biological response of winter wheat root system to fertilization depth
      ZHANG Yong-Qing, MIAO Guo-Yuan
      2006, 14(4): 72-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of genotype and nitrogen fertilizer on winter wheat photosynthetic parameters and leaf morphogenesis during later growth
      WU Wei-Mo, LI Shi-Qing, WANG Rui-Jun, SHAO Ming-An
      2006, 14(4): 76-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of nitrogen fertilizer and genotypes on the nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation of winter wheat grain during grain-filling period in a sub-humid farmland eco-system
      WU Wei-Mo, LI Shi-Qing, SHAO Ming-An
      2006, 14(4): 82-88.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of nitrogen fertilizer on yield components of different genotypic winter wheat in sub-humid farmland ecologic system
      WANG Rui-Jun, LI Shi-Qing, WU Wei-Mo, SHAO Ming-An
      2006, 14(4): 89-93.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different fertilizer application combined with different DPC quantities on photosynthesis property and yield of cotton directly seeded after wheat
      MA Zong-Bin, LI Ling-Li, XIE De-Yi, FANG Wei-Ping, YANG Tie-Gang
      2006, 14(4): 94-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of several new-type compound fertilizers on the quality of romaine lettuce cultivated soillessly
      LI Hui-He, YE Xue-Jian, WANG Zheng-Yin, YANG Ling-Bin
      2006, 14(4): 98-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of several chemicals on yield, nitrate content and nutritive quality of lettuce
      SU Sheng-Qi, WANG Zheng-Yin
      2006, 14(4): 102-105.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculation on the yield and quality of sweet potato
      LIU Wen-Ke, FENG Gu, LI Xiao-Lin
      2006, 14(4): 106-108.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the characteristics of nutrient releasing of the coated urea with tung oil as controlling materials
      SHI Wei-Sheng, LUO Xiao-Lin, TANG Hui, WANG Ya-Ming
      2006, 14(4): 109-111.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of planting densities on canopy apparent photosynthesis, canopy structure and yield of cotton drip-irrigated under the mulch in Xinjiang
      LUO Hong-Hai, ZHANG Wang-Feng, ZHAO Rui-Hai, HAN Chun-Li, SHI Min
      2006, 14(4): 112-114.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the characteristics of photosynthetically active radiation under intercropping of wheat and maize
      GAO Yang, DUAN Ai-Wang
      2006, 14(4): 115-118.
      Abstract PDF
      The effects of different light qualities on cucumber fruit quality and yield in greenhouse
      WANG Shao-Hui, KONG Yun, CHEN Qing-Jun, CHENG Ji-Hong, XU Li-Lin
      2006, 14(4): 119-121.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of application of chemical fertilizers on bioavailability of heavy metals in soil
      ZHANG Lei, SONG Feng-Bin, CUI Liang
      2006, 14(4): 122-125.
      Abstract PDF
      Correlation between the heavy metal pollution in soil and quality of vegetable in farming district of Zhengzhou
      ZHAO Yong, LI Hong-Juan, SUN Zhi-Qiang
      2006, 14(4): 126-130.
      Abstract PDF
      Accumulating effects of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) on copper in soil
      WANG Yong-Fen, XI Lei
      2006, 14(4): 131-133.
      Abstract PDF
      Methane emission from rice-rape rotation paddy fields and its total amount estimation
      HAN Guang-Xuan, ZHU Bo, GAO Mei-Rong
      2006, 14(4): 134-137.
      Abstract PDF
      The potential of Allium ascalonicum L. in purification and reclamation of wastewater
      XU Xiao-Feng, ZHOU Xiao-Ping, YANG Lin-Zhang, XU Hai
      2006, 14(4): 138-140.
      Abstract PDF
      A RAPD analysis of shoot cadmium accumulating characteristic and tolerance of vegetable cultivars from Brassica genus
      WANG Song-Liang
      2006, 14(4): 141-145.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of paraquat on soil microorganism
      DENG Xiao, TANG Qun-Feng
      2006, 14(4): 146-149.
      Abstract PDF
      Influences of insecticides and herbicides on the growth of the biocontrol fungus Coniothyrium minitans Campbell
      HAN Ju-Cai, ZHANG Yong-Jie, LIU Hui-Ping, LAN Rui-Qin, GAO Jun-Ming
      2006, 14(4): 150-152.
      Abstract PDF
      The effect of different substrate concentrations on the growth of Paecilomyces lilacinus “NH-PL-03”
      LI Fang, LIU Bo, HUANG Su-Fang
      2006, 14(4): 153-156.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparison of diseases incidence and four fungi abundance between tomato resistant rootstock and cultivar “Maofen” in greenhouse
      CHEN Guo-Kang, CAO Zhi-Ping, CHEN Yun-Feng, WANG Xiu-Hui, LI Jian-Qiang
      2006, 14(4): 157-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on photosynthesis of sweet potato under the stress of sweet potato scab
      YU Wen-Ying, PAN Ting-Guo, KE Yu-Qin, WANG Xiang-Ping, AI Yu-Fang
      2006, 14(4): 161-164.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different K fertilizers on the yield and the contents of amino acids of Pleurotus tuber-regium,s sclerotium
      JIANG Zhi-He, WENG Bo-Qi, LEI Jin-Gui, WANG Yi-Xiang, LUO Tao
      2006, 14(4): 165-167.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on relationship between wheat morphological character as well as grain contents and wheat midge resistance
      MA Ai-Ping, SHI Zh ong-Liang, XIE Fu-Lai, QIU Song-Ying, ZHU Jin-Yun
      2006, 14(4): 168-170.
      Abstract PDF
      Spatial distribution pattern of water chestnut beetle (Galerucella birmanica Jacoby)
      ZHENG Fu-Shan, DU Yu-Zhou, LU Yan-Yang, QIANG Cheng-Kui, DING Jian-Qing
      2006, 14(4): 171-175.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of electrophoretic analysis on detecting the predation of Pardosa astrigera to Plutella maculipennis Curtis
      WANG Ning-Bo, LI Sheng-Cai
      2006, 14(4): 176-178.
      Abstract PDF
      Insecticidal activities of the non-allkaloid extracts from Tripterygium wilfordii against Plutella xylostella
      XU Hong-Xing, CHEN Jian-Ming, LU Zhong- Xian, CHEN Lie-Zhong, YU Xiao-Ping
      2006, 14(4): 179-181.
      Abstract PDF
      Environment analysis of naturally ventilated sheep house in winter in Inner Mongolia
      ZANG Qiang, LI Bao-Ming, SHI Zheng-Xiang, HAN Jing, ZHAO Yang
      2006, 14(4): 182-184.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of the mixing way of different pastures and crop straws on the nutritive characteristics and utilization efficiency of forage
      JIANG Hai-Lin, TANG Shao-Xun, ZHOU Chuan-She, TAN Zhi-Liang
      2006, 14(4): 190-194.
      Abstract PDF
      Tomato structural-functional modelⅠ:A 3D architectural modeling based on finite state automation
      DONG Qiao-Xue, WANG Yi-Ming, Jean Francois BARCZI
      2006, 14(4): 195-199.
      Abstract PDF
      Case analysis on comprehensive benefit of irrigation system of corps by improved model of AHP and comparison with its antetype
      SUI Peng, ZHANG Hai-Lin, GAO Wang-Sheng, CHANG Xin
      2006, 14(4): 200-203.
      Abstract PDF
      Systemic design and analysis technology of product map
      DENG Hua, XUE Zheng-Ping, YANG Xing-Wei
      2006, 14(4): 204-207.
      Abstract PDF
      Changing characteristic and trend analysis of water quality of Qiandao Lake
      LUO Xian-Bao, WEN Jun, LUO Dong-Qi, FANG Zhi-Fa
      2006, 14(4): 208-212.
      Abstract PDF
      Temporal and spatial distribution of poultry excrements in every district and county of Chongqing
      PENG Li, GU Wen-Hai, WEI Shi-Qiang, WANG Din g-Yong
      2006, 14(4): 213-216.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on ecological footprint of Shaanxi Province in 2002
      ZHAO Xian-Gui, MA Cai-Hong, LAN Ye-Xia, WANG Shu-Zhuan
      2006, 14(4): 217-220.
      Abstract PDF
      Calculation and analysis of ecological footprint and ecological environment coordination degree of Poyang Lake area
      LAI Fa-Ying, ZHOU Chun-Huo, XIAO Yuan-Dong, GONG Song, CHEN Jing
      2006, 14(4): 221-225.
      Abstract PDF
      Probing into the patterns of land use and protection in Karst region based on RS & GIS—A case study from Huanjiang County in Northwest Guangxi
      YANG Chun-Hua, WANG Ke-Lin, CHEN Hong-Song, XU Lian-Fang, ZHANG Ming-Yang
      2006, 14(4): 226-230.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on land-use pattern in Buerhatong River basin
      WANG Cheng, GUO Zhong-Ling
      2006, 14(4): 231-234.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of anthropogenic disturbances on the temporal-spatial changes of landscape patterns at Taishan Mountain
      GUO Luo, XIA Bei-Cheng, YU Shi-Xiao, GONG Chong-Feng
      2006, 14(4): 235-239.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the changes of land use and value of the ecosystem service in Hebei Province
      WANG Yu, YIN Jun, YANG Min, LIU XiaoZhuang, LI Zhi-Wei
      2006, 14(4): 240-243.
      Abstract PDF
      Review and evaluation of typical modes of eco-agriculture development in Shandong Province
      ZHENG Jun, SUN Xian -Zhi, SHI Jian-Min
      2006, 14(4): 244-248.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the ecological construction at countryside and its benefits in A'zhuodi
      DAI Bo, LU Hui-Hui, ZHOU Hong
      2006, 14(4): 249-252.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of variety and fertilizer on the yield and the utilization of water and fertilizer of tartary buckwheat
      LI Hong-Mei, SHAN Fang, BIAN Jun-Sheng, LIANG Xia, DENG Xiao-Yan
      2006, 14(4): 253-255.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of Cd on the cell membrance lipid peroxidation and activity of protecting enzymes in seedlings of rice with different tolerance to Cd pollutant
      XIAO Mei-Xiu, LIN Wen-Xiong, CHEN Dong-Mei, LIANG Kang-Jing, KE Qing-Ming
      2006, 14(4): 256-258.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of relative humidity on the antioxidative capacity of apple fruit peel under high temperature stress
      LI Ying-Li, ZHANG Jian-Guang, FANG Zheng, LIU Yu-Fang
      2006, 14(4): 259-260.
      Abstract PDF
      Biological control of wilt disease of cucumber by end ophytic bacteria E1~E4
      MIAO Ze-Yan, LU Guo-Zhong, ZHAO Kui-Hua, LIU Chang-Yuan, LIANG Chun-Hao
      2006, 14(4): 261-262.
      Abstract PDF
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