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      Developing circulative economy with great efforts in a realistic spirit
      XIE Zhen-Hua
      2005, 13(2): 1-3.
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      The new position and far-reaching impact of ecological province construction in our country
      SHI Shan
      2005, 13(2): 4-6.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the economical loss of ecological damage by the construction of express ways
      ZI Chun-Xia, LI Shu-Qing
      2005, 13(2): 7-10.
      Abstract PDF
      Research progress in the evaluation of sustainable agriculture
      HU Chen-Xia, FU Bo-Jie, CHEN Li-Ding
      2005, 13(2): 11-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the sustainability of the eco-system value—A case study from Chizhou City,Anhui Province
      XU Xin-Wang, WU Xin-Min
      2005, 13(2): 15-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Comprehensive assessment on the agricultural ecological safety of Chongqing
      SHEN Xing-Ju, CHEN Zhi-Jian, ZHANG Jin-Shan
      2005, 13(2): 18-21.
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      Application of ‘closed-opened coupling’ theory in the eco-economy development of West China
      ZHOU Sheng-Qi, JIANG Xue-Min
      2005, 13(2): 22-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the flow direction for agricultural resources utilization at county region—A case study from Funan County of poverty-stricken region in Anhui Province
      WANG Guang-Yu, HU Yong-Nian, DONG Rong, JIANG Hong-Zhi, NIE Zhong-Sheng
      2005, 13(2): 25-27.
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      Ecological and social effects of water used in agriculture
      SUN Yan, LIN Zhen-Shan
      2005, 13(2): 28-30.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationship between soil charcoal in Holocene and wildfire in the Zhouyuan Region
      TAN Zhi-Hai, HUANG Chun-Chang, PANG Jiang-Li, LI Ping-Hua
      2005, 13(2): 31-33.
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      Comparison of the population structures between the natural forest and the high-yield forest of Phyllostachys heterocycla cv.pubescens in Wuyi Mountain
      Dong-Jin, HONG Wei, FAN Sheng-Feng, WANG Ying-Zi, LAN Bin
      2005, 13(2): 34-36.
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      Studies on the cutting propagation of Taxus chinensis var.mairei.Ⅰ.Effects of medium,season and biological measures on the cutting propagation
      FU Rui-Shu, HUANG Qi, Zong-Qing
      2005, 13(2): 37-38.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of molecular genetic maker techniques in Chinese fir research
      WANG Xiao-Li, MA Xiang-Qing
      2005, 13(2): 39-42.
      Abstract PDF
      Research advance in allelopathy of forest plants
      LIN Wu-Xing, HONG Wei, ZHENG Yu-Shan, YE Gong-Fu
      2005, 13(2): 43-46.
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      RNA silencing—a new strategy for the control of virus diseases in plants
      NIU Yan-Bing, GUO Shi-Mi, SONG Yan-Bo, LEI Wan-Jun, SHEN Lin-Yan
      2005, 13(2): 47-50.
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      Study on autotoxic effects of aqueous extracts from eggplant residues
      WANG Fang, WANG Jing-Guo
      2005, 13(2): 51-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Inhibition of the extractions of Stemona tuberosa Lour and Sophora flavescans on some plant pathogenic germs
      WEI Ping-Ying, WANG Hu-Yin
      2005, 13(2): 54-55.
      Abstract PDF
      A primary study on the repellent activities of tree extracting solution against white ants
      YI Ke-Er, LIN Jie, YE Gong-Fu, ZHANG Zhen-He, YE Zhou
      2005, 13(2): 56-58.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on production of bio-fungicide by using maize stock
      TIAN Lian-Sheng, LI Shu-Sheng, SHI Yan-Mao, ZHANG Gen-Wei, HUANG Ya-Li
      2005, 13(2): 59-61.
      Abstract PDF
      Monitoring of the virulence of Erysiphe graminis f.sp.tritici in different ecological areas of Shanxi Province
      WU Ying-Peng, YUAN Zong-Ying, LI Yan-Fang
      2005, 13(2): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of plucking flowers and bagging on the preventing and curing Botrytis cinerea Pers of cucumber
      CHEN Zhi-Jie, ZHANG Shu-Lian, QUAN Qing-Zhuan, LIANG Yin-Li, XU Fu-Li
      2005, 13(2): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Modification of the kinetic model for degradation of pesticides
      SONG Ping, HONG Wei, WU Cheng-Zhen, FAN Hai-Lan
      2005, 13(2): 68-70.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationship between incidence of Verticillium wilt on egt and nematode population in the rhizosphere soil
      ZHU Jian-Lan, CHANG Yong-Yi
      2005, 13(2): 71-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of antibiotics on the regeneration of sorghum shoot and the establishment of sorghum regeneration system
      LIN Feng, ZHANG Chun-Yu, WANG Hong-Yan, CHEN Dan, SHI Tai-Yuan
      2005, 13(2): 74-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of in sitol and silver nitrate on the shoots proliferation of Jojoba cultured in vitro
      XU Jin, WANG Yu-Zhen, LUO Jing-Lan, LIU Xiao-Jing
      2005, 13(2): 77-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of salt and water stress on the seed germination of Chenopodium glaucum L.
      DUAN De-Yu, LIU Xiao-Jing, LI Cun-Zhen
      2005, 13(2): 79-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Osmoregulation changes in Casuarina equisetifolia seedlings under acid rain stress
      YUAN Jian-Jun, LI Yu-Hong
      2005, 13(2): 82-83.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of low temperature stress on some physiological and biochemical characteristics of Chinese cabbage in field
      MENG Fan-Zhen, ZHANG Zhen-Xian, YU Xian-Chang, AI Xi-Zhen
      2005, 13(2): 84-86.
      Abstract PDF
      Metabolism of nucleic acid and changes of cell ultrastructure in stem apex o tea seedling induced by Cd2+
      SU Jin-Wei, WANG Xiang-Ping
      2005, 13(2): 87-90.
      Abstract PDF
      Biological effect of sodium humate on the Cd-stressed wheat seedlings
      MA Jian-Jun, ZOU De-Wen, WU He-Ping, LIU Shu-Ping
      2005, 13(2): 91-93.
      Abstract PDF
      Changes of N metabolismin water spinach after applying quinhydrone in soil
      WANG Yu-Qi, LI Rui-Hong, YE Chen-Liang
      2005, 13(2): 94-95.
      Abstract PDF
      Distribution of zinc in soil-crop system after long-term located application of zinc fertilizer
      WEI Xiao-Rong, HAO Ming-De, TIAN Mei-Xia
      2005, 13(2): 96-98.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of fertilizing modes of organic agriculture on the soil microbial activities
      LI Dong-Po, WU Zhi-Jie, CHEN Li-Jun
      2005, 13(2): 99-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Dynamics of invertase activity of black soil treated by a long-term located fertilization and its influence
      LI Dong-Po, WU Zhi-Jie, CHEN Li-Jun, ZHU Ping, REN Jun
      2005, 13(2): 102-105.
      Abstract PDF
      Contribution of organic residue cycling to the soil organic matter in red paddy system
      ZHOU Wei-Jun, WANG Kai-Rong, LIU Xin, DENG Xian-Jun
      2005, 13(2): 106-109.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the measures of fostering fertility of aeolian sand soil in farmland—A case study from Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
      YANG Yan-Wei, YANG Wen, ZHOU Tao
      2005, 13(2): 110-112.
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of organic manure on the environment and its corresponding preventive researches
      YAO Li-Xian, ZHOU Xiu-Chong
      2005, 13(2): 113-115.
      Abstract PDF
      Factors influencing the N and P loss from farmland runoff in Dianchi watershed
      DUAN Yong-Hui, ZHANG Nai-Ming, HONG Bo, CHEN Jian-Jun
      2005, 13(2): 116-118.
      Abstract PDF
      The crop yields and water use efficiencies under different water and fertilizer conditions in the field of Black soil
      MENG Kai, ZHANG Xing-Yi, SUI Yue-Yu, ZHAO Jun
      2005, 13(2): 119-121.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of different management patterns on the fraction of water stable aggregates and accumulation and distribution of particulate organic matter in black soil
      SHI Yi, ZHANG Lu, CHEN Xin, YU Wan-Tai
      2005, 13(2): 122-124.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics and environmental impact of non-point pollution of groundwater under the high-yield farmlands of North China—A case study from Huantai County,Shandong Province
      LIU Guang-Dong, WU Wen-Liang, LIU Zhong-Lan, WANG Li-Ping
      2005, 13(2): 125-129.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation techniques on the losses of environmental value of groundwater nitrate pollution sourced from high-yielding farmlands in North China—A case study from Huantai County,Shandong Province
      LIU Guang-Dong, WU Wen-Liang, JIN Le-Shan, Gabriel Gulis
      2005, 13(2): 130-133.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationships between root and shoot of winter wheat under different soil water conditions and their effects on the water use efficiency
      CHEN Xiao-Yuan, GAO Zhi-Hong, LUO Yuan-Pei, LIU Xiao-Ying
      2005, 13(2): 134-137.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different mulch materials on the soil ecology and corn yield
      BU Yu-Shan, WANG Jian-Cheng, SHAO Hai-Lin, MIAO Guo-Yuan
      2005, 13(2): 138-141.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparison research of growth development of high quality maize in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain
      ZHANG Zhi-Cheng, CHEN Fu, XIE Zhong-Lun, XU Qiang
      2005, 13(2): 142-144.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on potential limit of crop yield
      CAI Cheng-Zhi, CHEN Fu, SUI Peng, CHEN Jun-Sheng
      2005, 13(2): 145-148.
      Abstract PDF
      Buffer study on the suitable pH value of tobacco soil in part areas of Yunnan Province
      QIANG Ji-Ye, ZHU Hai-Ping, ZHOU Zhen-Chun, YIN Rui-Xin
      2005, 13(2): 149-151.
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of land use on the emission fluxes of greenhouse gas in North-South Transection of Eastern China
      LI Yu-E, LIN Er-Da, XIE Jun-Fei, YANG Zhi-Wei
      2005, 13(2): 152-154.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on hydrological response of eco-construction in a small watershed of Loess Hilly region
      XU Xue-Xuan, LIU Wen-Zhao, WANG Wei
      2005, 13(2): 155-157.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on the restraint of the soil and water erosion of scarp cultivate land by using plants embankments in the Three Gorges area
      JIANG Da-Bing, FAN Dan, GAN Xiao-Ze
      2005, 13(2): 158-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Influences of sod culture on the soil water content,effect of soil nutrients,fruit yield and quality in citrus orchard
      LI Guo-Huai, YI Hua-Lin
      2005, 13(2): 161-163.
      Abstract PDF
      Benefits analysis of bamboo-chicken agroforestry system pattern
      ZHAO Xing-Zheng, LU Jian-Bo, TIAN Xiao-Ming
      2005, 13(2): 164-166.
      Abstract PDF
      High-efficiency complementary technologies for double-chain eco-agricultural model of forage grass-goose-fresh eatable maize
      HANG Jia-Hong, WANG Shou-Hong, BAI He-Sheng, CHEN Jin-Song, GUO Jia-Deng
      2005, 13(2): 167-169.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of eco-techniques in installation agriculture
      ZHOU Yi-Tian, CUI Shao-Rong
      2005, 13(2): 170-172.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the temperature and energy-saving in multi-span greenhouse with simple inside thermal screen
      LI Hai-Ming, CUI Qing-Fa
      2005, 13(2): 173-175.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the sustainable development models of wetland agriculture in China
      WANG Shi-Yan, YANG Yong-Xing, YANG Bo
      2005, 13(2): 176-178.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects on the functions of ecosystem services of Dongting Lake from silt deposit and land reclamation
      LI Jing-Bao, ZHONG Sai-Xiang, YANG Yan, WANG Ke-Lin
      2005, 13(2): 179-182.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on regionalization of economic types of eco-agriculture in Shanxi Province
      ZHAO Yi-Xue
      2005, 13(2): 183-186.
      Abstract PDF
      Countermeasures of sustainable development of agriculture in Poyang Lake area
      ]MA Yi-Lin, MEI Li-Hui
      2005, 13(2): 187-189.
      Abstract PDF
      The application of information technology in the manure disposal of intensive livestock or poultry
      ZHAO Yu-Jie, GAO Huai-You, ZHANG Ke-Qiang, WANG Yue-Hua, SHI Rong-Guang
      2005, 13(2): 190-192.
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