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      The principles and application of eco-planning of agricultural landscape-Based on analysis of the Chinese eco-agriculture
      WANG Rui, WANG Yang-Lin, JING Juan
      2004, 12(2): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      A conception of ecological land use and its function classification in arid area in Northwest China
      ZHANG Hong-Qi, WANG Li-Xin, JIA Bao-Quan
      2004, 12(2): 5-8.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the biosphere reserve pattern of oasis economy based on eco-agricultural paradigm of mountain-basin systemin Xinjiang
      LI Jian-Xin
      2004, 12(2): 9-11.
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      A study on matching models and policies of land and water resources in West China
      ZHANG Jun-Lian, ZHOU Ling-Xia, XIE Jun-Qi, LI Xian-Wen
      2004, 12(2): 12-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation and countermeasures of the sustainable utilization of grassland resources in development of western China
      ZHAO Ying-Wei, LIU Li-Ming, BAI Xiao-Fei
      2004, 12(2): 15-18.
      Abstract PDF
      Recent advances on the relation between biodiversity and ecosystem function
      DU Li, GE Feng
      2004, 12(2): 19-22.
      Abstract PDF
      The prospect of the Chinese ecological agriculture(CEA)at present stage
      ZHANG Ren-Wu, GAO Huai-You
      2004, 12(2): 23-25.
      Abstract PDF
      A new approach of ecological agriculture development
      WU Lan-Fang, OUYANG Zhu, TANG Deng-Yin, CHENG Wei-Xin, ZHANG Xing-Quan
      2004, 12(2): 26-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Great west development on the basis of harmony between economy and ecology
      WANG Song-Pei
      2004, 12(2): 29-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Division warning of agricultural resources and environment in Heilongjiang Province
      LIU Zhi-Qiang, ZHANG Ping-Yu, ZHU Yan-Jie
      2004, 12(2): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of various patterns to the study on relative abundance of bird species in the Jiangshi Natural Reserve Zone of Fujian Province
      LIAO Cheng-Zhang, XU Yong-Xing, LIU Jiang, YAN Shu-Jun, BI Xiao-Li
      2004, 12(2): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      The correlations of the different host plants with preference level,life duration and survival rate of Spodoptera litura Fabricius
      QIN Hou-Guo, YE Zheng-Xiang, HUANG Shui-Jin, DING Jian, LUO Ren-Hua
      2004, 12(2): 40-42.
      Abstract PDF
      Law of the water transfer process of water-conversation forest in Qilian Mountains
      DANG Hong-Zhong, ZHAO Yu-Sen, CHEN Xiang-Wei
      2004, 12(2): 43-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Salt migration characteristics of silt loam soil by rainstorm
      ZHANG Miao-Xian, YANG Jin-Song, LI Dong-Shun
      2004, 12(2): 47-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Path analysis on the factors affectting salt accumulation of topsoil in a depression of Hai River Plain
      MAO Ren-Zhao, ZHANG Miao-Xian, ZHANG Yu-Ming
      2004, 12(2): 50-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Advance in the mechanism of biochemistry and molecular biology in response to cold stress of plant
      GUO Zi-Wu, LI Xiao-Li, GAO Dong-Sheng, DUAN Cheng-Guo
      2004, 12(2): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on biological characters of pubescence of Gossypium arboreum bickii
      LI Cui, CHAI Bao-Feng
      2004, 12(2): 58-60.
      Abstract PDF
      Biochemical genetic analysis of allozymes of mud crab,Scylla serrata
      LI Zhong-Bao, LI Shao-Jing, WANG Gui-Zhong, KONG Xiang-Hui
      2004, 12(2): 61-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Diversity analysis for the Chinese tea varieties
      HUANG Ping, CHEN Neng-Wu, TAN He-Ping, JIANG Guang-Zao
      2004, 12(2): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of simulated acid rain on fruit dropping and fruit quality of longan
      QIU Dong-Liang, LIU Xing-Hui
      2004, 12(2): 68-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-physiological characteristics of winter wheat-corn intercropping systems under rainfall catchment and supplementary irrigation
      CHAI Qiang, HUANG Gao-Bao
      2004, 12(2): 70-72.
      Abstract PDF
      The effect of aquasorb and water controlling on capsicm growth and water use efficiency
      FANG Feng, HUANG Zhan-Bin, YU Man-Yuan
      2004, 12(2): 73-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of cutting spring wheat roots on the photosynthesis and the water use efficiency
      DONG Gui-Ju, LIU Wen-Zhao
      2004, 12(2): 77-79.
      Abstract PDF
      The growth developmental characteristics of late and early maturing winter wheat varieties in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain
      ZHANG Zhi-Cheng, OUYANG-Hua, SUN Jiang-Hua, CHEN Fu, XU Qiang
      2004, 12(2): 80-83.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of prolonging ventilation time and enriching CO2 in greenhouse on the ecologic factors and photosynthetic rate of cucumber
      CUI Qing-Fa, WANG Jing
      2004, 12(2): 84-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the heat potential of sequential cropping in solar greenhouse
      GAO Qing-Lu
      2004, 12(2): 86-87.
      Abstract PDF
      The study of affecting factors of every hour temperature in large-scale self-controlled greenhouse.
      WU Yuan-Zhong, YANG Qiu-Zhen, HE Fang-Fang, LI Jun
      2004, 12(2): 88-91.
      Abstract PDF
      Competition of the light,fertilizer and water between Choerospondias axillaris trees and peanut in the red soil of low hilly land-Ⅱ.Analysis of using light energy of Choerospondias axillaris trees and peanut
      GAO Guo-Zhi, WANG Ming-Zhu, ZHANG Bin
      2004, 12(2): 92-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of planting Slenderstalk altingia under the canopy of sprout of Chinese fir on the soil humus and soil structure
      LI Zhen-Wen
      2004, 12(2): 95-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of applying controlled release nitrogen fertilizer on yield enhancement of winter wheat
      WANG Xin-Min, HOU Yan-Lin, JIE Xiao-Lei, TAN Jin-Fang
      2004, 12(2): 98-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of a long-term located fertilization on the fertility and productivity of Shajiang Black Soil
      KONG Ling-Cong, CAO Cheng-Fu, WANG Zhi-Shou, CHEN Ai-Ping, ZHANG Cun-Ling
      2004, 12(2): 102-104.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of integrated fertilizer companion on the N absorption and grain yield of winter wheat
      ZHU Xin-Kai, QIAN Xiao-Qing, SHENG Hai-Jun, WANG Juan-Juan, GUO Wen-Shan
      2004, 12(2): 105-107.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of using biogas manures on rice cultivation
      HUANG Qin-Lou, WENG Bo-Qi, TANG Zu-Hua, HUANG Shun-Fu, SHAO Nai-Jin
      2004, 12(2): 108-110.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of applying fertilizer on nitrate accumulation in vegetables
      QIU Xiao-Xuan, HUANG Dong-Feng, CAI Shun-Xiang, CHEN Feng, CAI Yuan-Cheng
      2004, 12(2): 111-114.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different applying amounts of N fertilizer on the accumulated content of nitrate in the Chinese cabbage
      GAO Yan-Ming, SUN Quan, LI Jian-She
      2004, 12(2): 115-117.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of fertilization on soil microbial biologic carbon in black soil
      WANG Jing, XIE Hong-Tu, ZHANG Xu-Dong, ZHU Ping, WANG Lu-Ling
      2004, 12(2): 118-120.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of rice based cropping system and organic manure on microbes and enzyme activities in paddy soils derived from red earth
      FAN Zhou-Jin, FENG Yue-Hua, LIU Fang, ZHANG Yang-Zhu, ZOU Ying-Bin
      2004, 12(2): 121-123.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the relationship between the activity of alkaline phosphatase in intraradical hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi and efficiency of mycorrhizal symbiosis
      FENG Hai-Yan, FENG Gu, SONG Jian-Lan, WANG Jing-Guo, LI Xiao-Lin
      2004, 12(2): 124-127.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on N-fixing property of bacteria with N-fixation and dissolving P function
      WANG Yong-Qi, SHEN A-Lin, WANG Shou-Gang, XUE Yi-Fang
      2004, 12(2): 128-130.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of multi-effects triazole(MET)on plant characters and photosynthetic efficiency of leguminous forage in initial flowering stage
      FANG Jin-Mei, HUANG Yi-Bin, WENG Bo-Qi, LIU Yu-Huan, HU Zhong-Quan
      2004, 12(2): 131-133.
      Abstract PDF
      The research advances on the crop climate suitability influenced by global warming
      ZHAO Feng, Q1AN Huai-Sui
      2004, 12(2): 134-137.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of different transplanting periods on the growth and yield of high-quality hybrid rice in the system of rice intensification
      LU Shi-Hua, REN Guang-Jun, ZENG Xiang-Zhong, LIU Xue-Jun, ZHANG Fu-Suo
      2004, 12(2): 138-139.
      Abstract PDF
      The increasing yield effects of degradable plastic film mulching on the cottons
      DAI Jing, CHEN Rong-Lai, LI Guo-Jun
      2004, 12(2): 140-142.
      Abstract PDF
      The economic benefit of planting spring-corn in rice field and its efficient technique for system coupling
      LIU Jian
      2004, 12(2): 143-145.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological effect of subsoiling high stubble on the winter wheat in sloping land of western Henan
      WANG Yu-Hong, YAO Yu-Qing, LU Jun-Jie, HUANG Jiang-Tao, ZHANG Jic
      2004, 12(2): 146-148.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on conveyance technologies of highyield cultivation without environmental pollution of rice
      LI Bao-Tong, SHI Qing-Hua, FANG Jia-Hai, YIN Feng, XIAO Dong-Hua
      2004, 12(2): 149-151.
      Abstract PDF
      The benefit of soil and water conservation of Eulaliopsis binata
      HUANG Yu, ZOU Dong-Sheng, WANG Hua
      2004, 12(2): 152-154.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-effect of Humulus scandus in the control of sloping wasteland in gully area
      LIU Sheng-Rong, ZHANG Hal, LI Bao-Lai, JIA Tao
      2004, 12(2): 155-154.
      Abstract PDF
      Variation features of micro-waterlogged topographic and ecological agriculture models in Jianghan Plain
      LIU Zhang-Yong, CHEN Fu
      2004, 12(2): 155-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Saline-alkali land management and countermeasures of sustainable agricultural development in Songnen Plain
      WANG Zhi-Chun, LI Qu-Sheng, LI Xiu-Jun, SONG Chang-Chun, ZHANG Guang-Xin
      2004, 12(2): 161-163.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the typical model of eco-agriculture in Fujian Province
      HE Hua-Qin, XIAO Zhi-Liang, LIANG Yi-Yuan, LIANG Kang-Jing, LIN Wen-Xiong
      2004, 12(2): 164-166.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the pattern of high benefit and special ecological agriculture in Kant Area-A case study from Fengshan County,Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
      CHEN Cheng-Bin, LIANG Shi-Chun, PENG Hong-Xiang, HUANG Juan, XU Zhi-]Jan
      2004, 12(2): 167-168.
      Abstract PDF
      Ethics of sustainable land use
      CHEN Li-Gen, GUO Li-Fang
      2004, 12(2): 169-171.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the status of agricultural non-pointing source(NPS)pollution in Three-Gorges Area and its control countermeasures
      LIU Guang-De, ZHAO Zhong-Jin, LI Qi-Lin
      2004, 12(2): 172-175.
      Abstract PDF
      Economic loss evaluation of agricultural environmental pollution from wastewater irrigation in Hebei Province
      WU Di-Mei, ZHANG Cong, MENG Fan-Qiao
      2004, 12(2): 176-179.
      Abstract PDF
      The calculation and assessment to the values of air purification by vegetation in Xi’an City
      MA Xin-Hui, REN Zhi-Yuan, SUN Gen-Nian
      2004, 12(2): 180-182.
      Abstract PDF
      Bio-pulping comparison between sterilized and unsterilized Eulaliopsis binata
      LIU Xiang-Hua, ZOU Dong-Sheng, LIU Zheng-Chu
      2004, 12(2): 183-184.
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