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      Institution innovation for realizing sustainable development-Formulating green accounting institutions
      WU Yu-Ping, DONG Suo-Cheng, XU Min-Ying
      2002, 10(3): 1-4.
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      Biodiversity and eco-agriculture
      FENG Yao-Zong
      2002, 10(3): 5-7.
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      Study on the spatial pattern of major populations in the needle and broad-leaved mixed evergreen forest in Niumulin Nature Reserve Zone of Fujian Province
      LI Yu-Hong, YAN Zhong-Ling
      2002, 10(3): 8-10.
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      Study on population dynamics of Chinese fir and its associated tree species in natural Chinese fir-and-broad-leaved mixed forest in Northwest Fujian
      CAO Guang-Qiu, LIN Si-Zu, HUANG Shi-Guo
      2002, 10(3): 11-13.
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      Appraisal on the comprehensive effect of forest park-A case study from Wenzhou Chashan Forest Park
      SHAN Sheng-Dao, Wu Ci-Fang
      2002, 10(3): 14-16.
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      Study on the relationship between the soil nutrient elements and the apple fruit quality of the newly reclaimed apple orchard in Taihang mountain gneiss area
      LI Bao-Guo, QI Guo-Hui, GUO Su-Ping, LI Hui-Zhuo, ZHANG Lin-Ping
      2002, 10(3): 17-20.
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      A study on distribution law of microclimate factors in poplar-crop intercropping system
      YUAN Yu-Xin, JIA Yu-Bin, SHAO Ji-Xiang, WEI Hong-Xia, FENG Chang-Hong
      2002, 10(3): 21-23.
      Abstract PDF
      Assessment of the feasibility of cultivated fruit trees using station freezing index
      CAI Wen-Hua, ZHANG Xing, CHEN Hui
      2002, 10(3): 24-26.
      Abstract PDF
      Metabolic changes during low temperature induced dormancy release in ‘NJ72’nectarine(Prunus persica L.Batsch)
      LI Xian-Li, YAN Tian-Li, GA0 Dong-Sheng, YUAN Zhi-You
      2002, 10(3): 27-29.
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      Analysis on organic nutrient of kernels of two Ginkgo cultivars
      JIANG Ru-Lan, WANG Ying-Qiang, LIANG Hong, LIU Wei-Liang, XU Teng-Shuang
      2002, 10(3): 30-32.
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      Metabolism and action of plant growth regulators during ripening and storage of firethorn fruit
      XIE Jin-Feng, WANG San-Gen, HUANG run, Ll Dao-Gao
      2002, 10(3): 33-36.
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      Ecological efficiency of pear fruits bagged to main pests and diseases
      ZHANG Shu-Lian, CHEN Zhi-Jie, ZHANG Feng, LEI Hong
      2002, 10(3): 37-40.
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      The ecological environment of Mazongling Nature Reserve Zone in Dabieshan and the conservation of rare and endangered plants
      LIU Peng
      2002, 10(3): 41-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Climatic productivity of forage grass and its restricting factors in north region of China
      GUO Jian-Ping, GAO Su-Hua, LIU Ling
      2002, 10(3): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Simulation study on the extinction coefficient of winter wheat in Huang-Huai-Hai Plain of China
      LIU Jian-Dong, YU Qiang, LIU Chang-Ming
      2002, 10(3): 47-50.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of water status and temperature on leaf water energy state
      LIU Xiao-Hong, ZHAO Liang-Ju, WANG Guo-Dong
      2002, 10(3): 51-54.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on characteristics of soil moisture and its use efficiency in dryland wheat in the loess tableland
      LIA0 Yun-Cheng, HAN Si-Ming, WEN Xiao-Xia
      2002, 10(3): 55-58.
      Abstract PDF
      Advancement in physioecological studies on yield formation in rice(Oryza sativa L.)
      LIANG Kang-Jing, WANG Xue-Ren, LIN Wen-Xiong, CHEN Zhi-Xiong, LI Ya-Juan
      2002, 10(3): 59-61.
      Abstract PDF
      Resistance of high quality wheat variety ‘Xiaoyan 54’to environmental stress and diseases in south of Henan Province
      LIU Quan-You, TONG Yi-Ping
      2002, 10(3): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of different ecological environment on quality in high-quality millet
      ZHAO Hai-Yun, CHEN Ji-Fu, WANG Hong-Li, YANG Cheng-Yuan, WANG Jing-Hua
      2002, 10(3): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of mulch and shade on physiological and biological characteristics of ginger growing in field
      WANG Shao-Hui, ZHANG Zhen-Xian
      2002, 10(3): 68-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on character of physiology and biochemistry and salt-tolerance of wolfberry in Ochr-Sierozems soil of Ningxia
      XU Xing, ZHENG Guo-Qi, ZHOU Tao, HUI Hong-Xia
      2002, 10(3): 70-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on myceliai respiration of several kinds of Edible Fungi
      GUO Jia-Xuan, ZHAO Yong-Hou, SHEN Yuan-Yue
      2002, 10(3): 74-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of temperature on the development,survival and fecundity of Spodoptera litura Fabricius
      QIN Hou-Guo, YE Zheng-Xiang, DING Jian, HUANG Shui-Jin, LUO Ren-Hua
      2002, 10(3): 76-79.
      Abstract PDF
      Sulfur behavior in soil and atmosphere environment and its effect on plants
      CUI Yan-Shan, WANG Qing-Ren
      2002, 10(3): 80-82.
      Abstract PDF
      Output response to fertilization development in rice cropping
      XIE Xiao-Li, ZHOU Wei-Jun, WANG Kai-Rong
      2002, 10(3): 83-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the annual balance application of nitrogen fertilizer in the system of wheat relay intercropped with corn and peanut
      KOU Chang-Lin, WANG Yong-Qi
      2002, 10(3): 86-89.
      Abstract PDF
      A long-time study on the effect and balance of potassium
      SUO Dong-Rang, WANG Tuo-He, LI Duo-Zhong
      2002, 10(3): 90-92.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of sludge and bacterial sludge on microorganism system in farmland soil
      ZHOU Yah-Min, LIU Zhe-Ren, QIANG Jian-Hua, LI Bin-Xu, LIU Bo
      2002, 10(3): 93-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Current research on controlled release fertilizers
      ZHA0 Xian-Gui, XIAO Ling
      2002, 10(3): 95-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the resources protection of water and soil and development technology in harm ony in the hillside fields
      HUANG Dao-You, PEN Ting-Bai, WANG Ke-Lin
      2002, 10(3): 98-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Allelopathy in agroecosystem
      SHAO Hua, PENG Shao-Lin
      2002, 10(3): 102-104.
      Abstract PDF
      Situation,potential and strategies of grain production in double cropping region of China
      HU Zhi-Quan, WU Yong-Chang, LIU Jing-Hui, CHU Qing-Quan
      2002, 10(3): 105-107.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on assessment and improvement for agricultural production systems of households in cropping and pasturalism transition zone in North China
      FAN Jiang-Wen, LIANG Biao, HUO Gut-Lin
      2002, 10(3): 108-111.
      Abstract PDF
      Optimizing two land use structures by linear programming in Yan’an region
      XU Xue-Xuan, GAO Peng, WANG Wei
      2002, 10(3): 112-115.
      Abstract PDF
      Investigation on ecological safety in the dry-hot valley of Jinsha River
      YANG Wan-Qin, WANG Kai-run, SONG Guang-Yu, GONG A-Du, HE Yu-Rong
      2002, 10(3): 116-118.
      Abstract PDF
      The countermeasures of developing safe agricultural products.
      jI Kun-Sen
      2002, 10(3): 119-122.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the long-term experiment and effects of no-polluted greenhouse vegetable production
      LI Ji, SU Fang, LIU Wen-Guo, TIAN Zhi-Wu
      2002, 10(3): 123-125.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of organochiorine pesticide residues on agricultural products quality
      ZHAO Ling, MA Yong-Jun, ZHOU Xu-Hui
      2002, 10(3): 126-128.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on activity in cleaner production of tourists in Zhouzhuang Scenic Spot
      ZHU Guo-Wei, LU Xiao-Ming
      2002, 10(3): 129-131.
      Abstract PDF
      Development situation of urban agriculture and its regulating direction of industrial structure of Guangzhou City
      ZHANG Jia-En
      2002, 10(3): 132-133.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of information management decision supporting system in large irrigation zone in Guanzhong District
      WANG Xiao-Feng, LI Xin-Miao
      2002, 10(3): 134-135.
      Abstract PDF
      Probing into the method of prompt test of herbicide (Sethoxydim)-resistant gene flow
      KANG Wen-Xia, YANG Hong, LI Gui-Qin, YAN Hong-Bo
      2002, 10(3): 136-138.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis of microbial agriculture
      Lv Ai-Qing, LIU Gui-Hua
      2002, 10(3): 139-141.
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