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      Degradation of grass lands and its preventive countermeasures in Tibet Autonomous Region
      LIU Shu-Zhen, FAN Jian-Rong, ZHOU Lin
      2002, 10(1): 1-3.
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      Impacts of environmental factors on the production of non-soil turf in green house
      WANG Xiang-Rong, BAO Jing-Hui
      2002, 10(1): 4-7.
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      Effects of enhanced UV-B radiation stress on kinetics of chlorophyll fluorescence in rice Coryza sativa L
      LIN Wen-Xiong, WU Xing-Chun, LIANG Yi-Yuan, CHEN Fang-Yu, GUO Yu-Chun
      2002, 10(1): 8-12.
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      The reaction and sensitivity experiment of O3 on rice and winter wheat
      BAI Yue-Ming, GUO Jian-Ping, WANG Chun-Yi, WEN Min
      2002, 10(1): 13-16.
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      The experimental study on impacts of high temperature and high CO2 concentration on crops
      GUO Jian-Ping, GAO Su-Hua
      2002, 10(1): 17-20.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of CO2 concentration on the growth and development of Flammulina velutipes
      GUO Jia-Xuan, SHEN Yuan-Yue, ZHONG Yang-He
      2002, 10(1): 21-23.
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      Mycorrhizas of horticultural crops and its application in eco-agriculture.
      LI Rui-Qing, LIU Run-Jin, LI Min
      2002, 10(1): 24-26.
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      Analysis and application on maize nutrition of growth
      LIU Jin-Lai, SONG Ji-Juan, LI Fu-Lin, TENG Wen-Xing, LIU Rong-Qing
      2002, 10(1): 27-29.
      Abstract PDF
      Plant drought tolerance molecular mechanism
      SHEN Yuan-Yue, HUANG Cong-Lin, ZHANG Xiu-Hai, CAO Ming-Qing
      2002, 10(1): 30-34.
      Abstract PDF
      Compensatory effects of water-recovery during different growth durations on winter wheat under water stress
      CHEN Xiao-Yuan, LUO Yuan-Pei
      2002, 10(1): 35-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Soil ecotype and its application
      YANG Wan-Qin, WANG Kai-Yun, SONG Guang-Yu
      2002, 10(1): 38-40.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationships between agricultural ecology and chemical elements in soil
      ZENG Zhao-Hua
      2002, 10(1): 41-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Modulating soil ecology for the healthy of root
      LUO Wen-Sui, YAO Zheng
      2002, 10(1): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of high mineralized waste water in oil field on soil microorganism
      XIANG Ya-Ling, LI Feng, SHAO Zhi-Hui, WU Kong-Qing, DING Heng-Hu
      2002, 10(1): 47-49.
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      Maize diseases and pests of field ecosystems under different structures on dryland red soil
      YE Fang, HUANG Guo-Qin
      2002, 10(1): 50-51.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of fertilizing on seasonal variation of soil mites in farmland
      ZHENG Chang-Ying, HU Dun-Xiao, LI Wei-Jiong
      2002, 10(1): 52-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of adding chemical nitrogen and phosphorus on mineralization of soil organic nitrogen.
      LIU Xiao-Hong, HAO Ming-De
      2002, 10(1): 54-56.
      Abstract PDF
      Techniques of assembling fertilization for maize in black soil area
      WANG Zhan-Zhe, CHEN Yuan, WANG Qi
      2002, 10(1): 57-58.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects and mechanism of fertilization under drought
      GUAN Jun-Feng, LI Guang-Min
      2002, 10(1): 59-61.
      Abstract PDF
      Estimation of the soil thermal conductivity and heat flux in near surface layer from soil emperature
      MO Xing-Guo, LI Hong-Xuan, LIU Su-Xia, LIN Zhong-Hui
      2002, 10(1): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Classification of paddy field in Jiangxi Province by using GIS technology
      ZHAO Xiao-Min, AI Liang-Hui, ZHANG Ning-Zhen
      2002, 10(1): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Rainwater catching by small watershed and water-saving irrigation in Taihang Mountains
      LI Fa-Dong, ZHANG Wan-Jun, Shibano HIROFUMI, ZHANG Qiu-Ying
      2002, 10(1): 68-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Sustainable mechanism of forest resources
      YANG Jian-Zhou
      2002, 10(1): 72-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Biodiversity evaluation on wetland-A case study form Paleocoast and Wetland Nature Reserve Zone in Tianjin
      ZHANG Zheng, LIU Shuang, ZHU Lin, FENG Ying
      2002, 10(1): 76-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Technical system of prevention forest fire in the travelled region of Lu Mountain
      Jin-Xiang, HU Song-Zhu, YUAN Ping-Cheng, SU Li-Hua, CHEN Xia
      2002, 10(1): 79-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of controlling pine caterpillar (Dendrolimus punctatus Walker) by using Dimilin and insect diversity in pine forest
      WANG Ming-Xu, WANG Wen-Xue, ZHANG Zi-Ping
      2002, 10(1): 82-84.
      Abstract PDF
      Quantitative analysis on the effect of planting techniques on the quality of apple-shaped pear
      ZHANG Ji-Yi, ZHAO Ha-Lin, LIU Jian-Xun, KONG Dong-Shcng, WANG Li
      2002, 10(1): 85-89.
      Abstract PDF
      Cultivation and utilization of edible wild herbs in Taihang Mountain area
      CAI Hong, LIU Jin-Tong
      2002, 10(1): 90-92.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of farming-forestry-animal husbandry integrated ecosystem in Kaifeng sandy region
      WU Ji-Cheng, KONG Xiang-Xuan, KOU Chang-Lin, WANG Qiu-Jie, WANG Yong-Qi
      2002, 10(1): 93-96.
      Abstract PDF
      High efficiency and sustainable development models in Shanxi dryland agriculture regions
      JI Zeng-Shun, SUN Jing-Tong
      2002, 10(1): 97-100.
      Abstract PDF
      Rainwater-collecting eco-agriculture in semi-arid region of Loess Plateau.
      LI Feng-Min, XU Jin-Zhang
      2002, 10(1): 101-103.
      Abstract PDF
      Development and difference of rural ecoeconomy in low-hill red earth areas
      WANG Ming-Zhu, CHEN Shao-Fu, XIONG Si-Jian
      2002, 10(1): 104-106.
      Abstract PDF
      Plan selection of straws gasification project and its environmental impact-A case study from Yishui Village, Xinzheng City, Henan Province
      ZHANG Cong
      2002, 10(1): 107-109.
      Abstract PDF
      Management of eco-agricultural industrialization in China
      XU Bao-Gen
      2002, 10(1): 110-112.
      Abstract PDF
      Recreation of agricultural ecosystem in collapsed area
      IANG Ye-Lin, HU Xian-Jiang, PAN Ting-Shuang
      2002, 10(1): 113-115.
      Abstract PDF
      Biotechnology application in breeding new wheat variety
      AN Diao-Guo, WANG Yan-Mei, LI Jun-Ming, WANG Zhi-Guo
      2002, 10(1): 116-117.
      Abstract PDF
      Developing strategy of grain crop production in Loess Plateau Region of China
      LI Jun, SHAO Ming-An, WANG Li-Xiang
      2002, 10(1): 118-120.
      Abstract PDF
      Restriction of resources & environment and structural adjustment of agricultural production in China
      ZHU Pei-Xin, QU Fu-Tian
      2002, 10(1): 121-123.
      Abstract PDF
      Agricultural resources superiority and characteristic agricultural industrialization in West China
      GAO Qing-Lu, WANG Li-Xiang
      2002, 10(1): 124-126.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological touring-agriculture and its development in China
      ZHENG Zhao-Pei, LIU Zuo-Xin
      2002, 10(1): 127-129.
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