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      Eco-economics will have a big development in China in the 21 century
      TENG Teng
      2001, 9(1): 1-2.
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      西部大开发 建设绿色家园
      ZHU Jun-Feng
      2001, 9(1): 1-6.
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      The ecological era has come to the earth of China
      SHI Shan
      2001, 9(1): 3-5.
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      Further create a new situation of ecological demonstration area's construction in China
      ZHU Guang-Yao
      2001, 9(1): 6-8.
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      Studies on the sandy desertification in China
      WANG Tao, ZHU Zhen-Da
      2001, 9(1): 7-12.
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      A study on water cycle in agro-ecosystem and relationship between crops and water
      XIE Xian-Qun
      2001, 9(1): 9-12.
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      Effects of soil moisture and nitrogen fertilizer on root growth of corn
      LI Yang-Yang, LIU Wen-Zhao
      2001, 9(1): 13-15.
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      Preliminary research on the sand storm disaster in China
      ZHANG Yu-Xing, LIAO Ya-Ping
      2001, 9(1): 13-15.
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      Characteristics of nitrogen leaching of rice-wheat rotation field in Taihu Lake area
      WANG De-Jian, LIN Jing-Hui, XIA Li-Zhong
      2001, 9(1): 16-18.
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      Taking the way of developing the urbanization for promoting the ecologilization in developing Northwest China
      SHEN Chang-Jiang
      2001, 9(1): 16-18.
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      On the nitrate-N accumulated characteristics in deep soil layer of winter wheat field in Taihang Piedmont
      HU Chun-Sheng, CHENG Yi-Song, GAO Lu, LI Yan-Dong
      2001, 9(1): 19-20.
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      Ecoenvironment problems and their countermeasures in developing West China
      DONG Suo-Cheng
      2001, 9(1): 19-21.
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      Effect of the factors of soil water and fertilizers on yield of spring corn in horqin sandy land
      ZHANG Tong-Hui, CUI Jian-Yuan, ZHAO Ha-Lin, ZHAO Xue-Yong
      2001, 9(1): 21-22.
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      Theory and practice in program of ecological demonstrative area construction
      WANG Jia-Ji, LI Jing-Rong, SU DE-Bilige, HE Ping
      2001, 9(1): 22-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Corn responds to interaction between soil moisture and fertilizer
      SONG Yao-Xuan, XIAO Hong-Lang, FENG Jin-Chao
      2001, 9(1): 23-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Movement of soil nutrient of wheat field in arid desert area
      XIAO Hong-Lang, LI Tao, LIU Li-Chao
      2001, 9(1): 25-27.
      Abstract PDF
      The application of social psychology in the ecological construction
      ZHU Qi-Zhen
      2001, 9(1): 25-27.
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      The relationship of soil nutrient cycling characteristics with productivity of terrace millet on hilly loess plateau
      ZHENG Jian-Ying, ZHANG Xing-Chang, WU Rui-Jun, ZHAI Lian-Ning
      2001, 9(1): 28-30.
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      On the change of industrial economy and trend of knowledgezation and ecologilization of modern industrial structure
      LIU Si-Hua
      2001, 9(1): 28-30.
      Abstract PDF
      Green-Ampt model of non-uniform layered soil profile
      HAN Yong-De, LUO Yi, YU Qiang, ZHANG Hai-Lin
      2001, 9(1): 31-33.
      Abstract PDF
      The influence of disturbance by humans on biodiversity
      FAN Zheng-Qiu, CHEN Lu-Zhen, LI Zhen-Ji
      2001, 9(1): 31-34.
      Abstract PDF
      Primary investigation on the relationship between the crop water stress index and the soil moisture
      ZHAO Cheng, LUO Yi, YUAN Guo-Fu, YU Qiang
      2001, 9(1): 34-36.
      Abstract PDF
      Basic principles of restoration ecology and ecological engineering of degraded ecosystem
      LIN Yong, ZHANG Wan-Jun, WU Hong-Qiao, WANG Xin-Guo
      2001, 9(1): 35-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Crop water production function under dynamic optimal management of fertilizer supply
      LIU Wen-Zhao, SU Min, XU Xuan-Bin, LI Yang-Yang
      2001, 9(1): 37-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis of the groundwater level change in Taihang Piedmont-A case study from Luancheng County
      ZHANG Yong-Qiang, LIU Chang-Ming, SHEN Yan-Jun
      2001, 9(1): 38-40.
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      Effect of the water change on the agricultural production and its countermeasures in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain
      WU Kai, Tang Deng-Yin, XIE Xian-Qun
      2001, 9(1): 40-42.
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      Benefit analysis of irrigation experiment of slope-separated terrace on Loess plateau area of Southern Ningxia Province
      LI Qing-He, LI Chang-Zhe, LI Ya-Jun, SUN Li-Da
      2001, 9(1): 41-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Water characteristics of typical wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain
      WANG Yi-Yong, YANG Qing, LIU Zhen-Qian
      2001, 9(1): 43-45.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of alternative watering in vertical profile on corn growth
      SHI Wen-Juan, KANG Shao-Zhong
      2001, 9(1): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on water-adjustment capacity of black soil in the farmland
      MENG Kai, ZHANG Xing-Yi, SUI Yue-Yu
      2001, 9(1): 46-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Preliminary studies on allelopathic potential in rice
      HE Hua-Qin, LIN Wen-Xiong(
      2001, 9(1): 47-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of soil moisture on photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate and water use efficiency of rape in different leaf positions
      MAO Ming-Ce, GUO Dong-Wei, LIANG Yin-Li
      2001, 9(1): 49-51.
      Abstract PDF
      Mycorrhizal dependence of Cucurbitaceae vegetables to Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
      MENG Xiang-Xia, LI Min, LIU Min, LIU Run-Jin
      2001, 9(1): 50-51.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the uncertainties of methods and precision of net radiation flux measurement
      SUN Xiao-Min, ZHU Zhi-Lin, ZHANG Ren-Hua, WANG Geng-Chen, LIU Guang-Ren
      2001, 9(1): 52-54.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationship between community of soil mites and environmental factors in farmland
      ZHENG Chang-Ying, HU Dun-Xiao, LI Wei-Jiong
      2001, 9(1): 52-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Structural characteristics of effective vegetation for preventing soil erosion
      WANG Han-Sheng, LIU Guo-Bin, WANG Qing-Ning
      2001, 9(1): 54-56.
      Abstract PDF
      The benefit and prospect of farmland mulch on Loess Plateau
      LIANG Yin-Li, ZHANG Cheng-E, GUO Dong-Wei
      2001, 9(1): 55-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of mine tailings in the zinc and lead mine wasteland on seedling ecesis of Leucaena glauca
      ZHANG Cui-Jun
      2001, 9(1): 57-59.
      Abstract PDF
      The basic scientific problem of wetland agriculture in the Sanjiang Plain
      YANG Qing, LU Xian-Guo, WANG Yi-Yong
      2001, 9(1): 58-60.
      Abstract PDF
      Subsoil stress and adaptation of plant roots
      SHEN Jian-Bo, ZHANG Fu-Suo, MAO Da-Ru
      2001, 9(1): 60-63.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of nutrient balance of different cropping systems in paddy field of red earth
      ZHOU Wei-Jun, WANG Kai-Rong, XIE Xiao-Li
      2001, 9(1): 61-63.
      Abstract PDF
      Research of the comprehensive technologies on transformation and utilization of saline land in arid areas
      WANG Ji-He, YANG Zi-Hui, HU Ming-Gui, LIU Hu-Jun, JI Yong-Fu
      2001, 9(1): 64-66.
      Abstract PDF
      Balance and utilization of phosphorus in soil-plant system under conventional and organic farming condition
      MENG Fan-Qiao, LI Guo-Xue, SHI Ya-Juan
      2001, 9(1): 64-66.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the ecological analysis of genetic variation and ecological differentiation of Avicennia marina populations
      LI Zhong-Bao, LIN Peng, LIN Yi-Ming
      2001, 9(1): 67-70.
      Abstract PDF
      The study on different wine-grapes absorbing and using potassium
      GAO Yao-Ting, ZHOU Tao, WANG Shi-Rong
      2001, 9(1): 67-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of phosphate application on phosphorus content and yield of Adsuki bean
      ZHAO Ting-Ting, FENG Guang-Ming, LIU Shu-Xin
      2001, 9(1): 70-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Change pattern,process and landscape ecological significance in ecotone of agriculture and grassland in north China
      HOU Xiang-Yang
      2001, 9(1): 71-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of different amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers applied on soil microbial biomass during corn growth periods
      ZHANG Cheng-E, LIANG Yin-Li
      2001, 9(1): 72-74.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of rice-azolla-fish system on soil environment of rice field
      HUANG Yi-Bin, WEN Bo-Qi, TANG Jian-Yang, LIU Zhong-Zhu
      2001, 9(1): 74-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Balance and control of soil nutrent in agro-ecosystem in the desert oases
      WANG Zhou-Qiong, LI Shu-Gang
      2001, 9(1): 75-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Expression and assessment of agronomic characters of different cotton varieties in Xinjiang
      TIAN Chang-Yan, HU Ming-Fang, DU Gang
      2001, 9(1): 77-79.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of long-term use of organic manure and chemical fertilizers on fluvo-aquic soils physical quality
      WANG Shen-Qiang, LI Xin, XU Fu-An, QIN Sheng-Wu
      2001, 9(1): 77-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Nutrition and fertilizer effect of saline soil in China
      YANG Li-Lin, LI Jin-Hai
      2001, 9(1): 79-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Current status and prospects of allelopathy research in agriculture
      DONG Zhang-Hang, LIN Wen-Xiong
      2001, 9(1): 80-83.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of longterm plant Medicago sativa Linn. on soil nitrogen nutrient
      LIU Xiao-Hong, HAO Ming-De
      2001, 9(1): 82-84.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the action characteristics of allelochemicals in rice
      LIN Qun-Hui, HE Hua-Qin, LIN Wen-Xiong
      2001, 9(1): 84-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Review of research on nutrient contribution and recovery in alley cropping systems
      SUN Hui, TANG Ya, ZHAO Qi-Guo
      2001, 9(1): 85-87.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of allelochemical ferulic acid on endogenous hormone level of wheat seedling
      LIU Xiu-Fen, HU Xiao-Jun
      2001, 9(1): 86-88.
      Abstract PDF
      The effect of poplar-crop intercropping space on wheat growth and yield
      YUAN Yu-Xin, WANG Ying, LI Ji-Quan, FENG Chang-Hong, ZHANG Shi-Lian
      2001, 9(1): 88-91.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of airphenol on the castor silkworm(Attacus ricini)and its countermeasures
      XU Shi-Qing, SIMA Yang-Hu, ZHENG Bi-Ping, CHEN Xi-Lin, ZHU Ya-Ling
      2001, 9(1): 89-91.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationship between mature spike number of highland barley and climatic factors
      DU Jun, XIANG Yu-Yi
      2001, 9(1): 92-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Prospects for weed control through crop interference
      XIA Guo-Jun, YANG Hao-Wei, WANG Wen-Jing
      2001, 9(1): 92-93.
      Abstract PDF
      The cultivation techniques of cherry in protecting conditions
      HUANG Zhen-Guang, ZHAO Gai-Rong
      2001, 9(1): 94-96.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on succession for composition of plant community and its meteorological condition in region around Qinghai Lake
      ZHANG Guo-Sheng, LI Xi-Lai, XU Wei-Xin, LI Lin, YAN Liang-Dong
      2001, 9(1): 95-97.
      Abstract PDF
      Some progress in TDR manufacture and application
      CHAI Shi-Wei, LIU Wen-Zhao, ZHANG Ju-Ting
      2001, 9(1): 97-99.
      Abstract PDF
      Observation on variety feature and phenological character of ginkgo in Guangdong
      LIANG Hong, FENG Ying-Zhu, WANG Ying-Qiang, LI Wei, LU Shui-Qian
      2001, 9(1): 98-100.
      Abstract PDF
      Prospect on the greening town with fruit trees in Jiangxi Province
      HU Zheng-Yue, XIE Ri-Xing
      2001, 9(1): 100-103.
      Abstract PDF
      Animal waste management and clean production technology in animal husbandry
      LIAO Xin-Di
      2001, 9(1): 101-102.
      Abstract PDF
      There is plenty of opportunities for developing green industrial
      UO Shu-Tian
      2001, 9(1): 103-104.
      Abstract PDF
      Ornamental bamboo resources in Fujian Province and their garden applications
      LIN Yi-Ming
      2001, 9(1): 104-106.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the ecological home garden patterns of the Bai nationality in Yunnan Province
      HU Hua-Bin, HE Ai-Jun
      2001, 9(1): 107-108.
      Abstract PDF
      Practice on county-scale eco-agriculture construction in Anhui Province
      ZHAO Ying-Nan, HUANG Wen-Xing
      2001, 9(1): 109-111.
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