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      ZHANG Bao-Wen
      2000, 8(3): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      Forward researches on the agricultural meteorology
      Yu Hu-ning
      2000, 8(3): 5-8.
      Abstract PDF
      The theoretical basis of stereoscopic planting
      Du Xin-tian, Du Ming
      2000, 8(3): 9-12.
      Abstract PDF
      Review on studies of the vegetation colony structure and the interception of light by a canopy
      Wang Jin-xing, Zhang Yi-ping, Wang Jin-shu
      2000, 8(3): 13-16.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-organic type soilless culture technique in China
      Jiang Wei-jie, Liu Wei, Yu Hong-jun, Zheng Guang-hua
      2000, 8(3): 17-21.
      Abstract PDF
      The plant arbuscular mycorrhiza and prospects of its application
      Bai Pu, Ma Jian-jing
      2000, 8(3): 22-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth of maize
      Chen Jie-min, Jiang De-feng, Liu Shu-tang, Wang Wei-hua, Li Xiao-lin
      2000, 8(3): 25-27.
      Abstract PDF
      The characters of effective micro-organisms(EM) and their utilization on planting industry.
      Zhang Lie, Dai Jun-ying
      2000, 8(3): 28-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different soils and altitudes on the composition of amino acids in foxtail millet
      Gu Shi-lu, Gu Xiao-hong, Geng Ju-ping
      2000, 8(3): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the developing characteristics of individual plant and yield formation in high and dwarf plant types of summer millet
      Ji Gui-su, Cui Lu-ping, Hao Feng-wu
      2000, 8(3): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of three kinds of phosphate fertilizers with various solubilities on different wheat varieties with different phosphorus efficiencies
      Wang Qing-ren, Sun Jian-hua, Liu Quan-you, Tong Yi-ping, Li Ji-yun
      2000, 8(3): 40-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the optimum organic manure application rates for maize in terrace
      Li Xiao-hua
      2000, 8(3): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      The effects of no-tillage with maize stalk mulched on soil environment in dryland
      Jin Fan-sheng, Zhang Bao-lin
      2000, 8(3): 47-50.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of concrete mulching on the movement of soil water,salt,and heat as well as growth of jujube
      Li Wei-qiang, Zhang Xiu-mei, Lei Yu-ping, Tian Qui-xiang, Masanori Okazaki
      2000, 8(3): 51-54.
      Abstract PDF
      New thinking on the reasonable utilization of non-competitive arable land in the hilly agricultural area
      Xing Ting-xian
      2000, 8(3): 55-58.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the indicators for assessment of agro-ecoenvironmental quality in saline region of Lower Haihe Plain
      Xing Ting-xian, Liu Xiao-jing
      2000, 8(3): 59-62.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the agricultural environmental bearing capacity in the mid-south parts of Hebei Province
      Cheng Yi-song, Hu Chun-sheng
      2000, 8(3): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      Establishment and use of information management system for ecological agricultural counties and its quality assurance
      Zhang Cong, Wu Wen-liang, Li Ji, Zhao Ming, Ouyang Huamin
      2000, 8(3): 67-70.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the rational structure of agro-ecological system in Suide Experimental Base
      Ma San-bao, Dang Wei-qin, Li Yun-shu, Wang Xiao
      2000, 8(3): 71-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Conditions and countermeasures for development of sightseeing-type agriculture in Zhejiang Province
      Yan Li-jiao, Ye Xu-jun, Wang Wei-chang, Chen Jian-can, Wang Rui-jin
      2000, 8(3): 74-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Courtyard economy construction situation and development countermeasure at hilly land region in north Hunan Province-A case study from Pantangzhen of Hunan Province
      Huang Pei-ji, Song Hui-an
      2000, 8(3): 77-80.
      Abstract PDF
      Important strategy position of grassland husbandry in the western development in China
      He Nai-wei, Huang Zheng-fu, Yin Xiao-qing
      2000, 8(3): 81-84.
      Abstract PDF
      Harness emphatically,develop and construct comprehensively the grassland in west part of China
      Sun Hong-liang
      2000, 8(3): 85-88.
      Abstract PDF
      The ecological construction and the selection of major agro-industry in developmenting northwest China
      Cheng Xu
      2000, 8(3): 89-91.
      Abstract PDF
      Water resource crisis and the way overcoming it in Northern China
      Yuan Yu-xin, Wang Ying, Ren Shi-fu, Zhang Jing-lan, Li Yuan-kun
      2000, 8(3): 92-94.
      Abstract PDF
      The present situation and the prospects of eco-agriculture in China
      Hu Ren-rong, Yu Chang-yi
      2000, 8(3): 95-98.
      Abstract PDF
      The protection of agricultural ecological resource and agricultural sustainable development in Henan Province
      Fan Wan-xuan
      2000, 8(3): 99-102.
      Abstract PDF
      2000, 8(3): 103-104.
      Abstract PDF
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