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      2000, 8(2): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      Basic ways and typical models of eco-agricultural county construction in different type areas in China
      Wu Wen-liang
      2000, 8(2): 5-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Global climate warming,disasters increasing and agricultural productivity safeguarding
      Jiang Ai-liang, Yu Hu-ning
      2000, 8(2): 10-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the evolutionary trends of regional agrometeorological disasters in China
      Chen Shao-feng, Yang Hong
      2000, 8(2): 15-19.
      Abstract PDF
      Acid rain and soil ecosystem
      Shan Sheng-dao, Yu Jin-yan, Yu Wei
      2000, 8(2): 20-23.
      Abstract PDF
      Soil physics mechanics of the processes of water saving
      Qin Yao-Dong, Xue Xu-zhang, Wang Ji
      2000, 8(2): 24-27.
      Abstract PDF
      The effect of cropping system on the microelements in lime concretion fluvo-aquic soils
      Ding Wei-xin, Liu Yuan-chang, Zhu Qi-qing
      2000, 8(2): 28-30.
      Abstract PDF
      Changes of Nitrate-N Accumulated in soil profile after changing grain crop land into vegetables land
      Yuan Xin-min, Li Xiao-lin, Zhang Fu-suo, Tong Yan-an
      2000, 8(2): 31-33.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological effect of peat and weathered coal on alkali-saline soil
      Wang Gui-rong, Wu Long-hua, Zhang Chun-xin, Yasushi Nishizaki, Yamaguchi Tatsuaki
      2000, 8(2): 34-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Maize genotypes and soil nitrogen apparent balance
      Liu Jian-an, Mi Guo-hua, Zhang Fu-suo
      2000, 8(2): 38-41.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the Carbon,Nitrogen Cycling characteristics of dry farmland ecosystem on Loess Plateau
      Xu Bing-cheng, Liang Yin-li
      2000, 8(2): 42-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of associated toxic constituents of phosphate fertilizers on the soil eco-environment
      Lin Zhong-hui, Chen Tong-bin
      2000, 8(2): 47-50.
      Abstract PDF
      The movement characteristics of three kinds of weed seeds by wind as driving force
      Li Shan-lin, Ni Han-wen, Zhang Li
      2000, 8(2): 51-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of summer fallow in Guanzhong irrigation area
      Li Shi-qing, Li Sheng-xiu
      2000, 8(2): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      The shade-resistance of Desmodium heterocapum DC var.strigosum Van Meeuwen
      Cui Bingquan, Chen Zhaoping
      2000, 8(2): 58-61.
      Abstract PDF
      High-yielding cultivation practices of winter wheat in large acreage
      Li Jin-sheng, Ma ji-li, Duan Xi-shun
      2000, 8(2): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on the effect of establishment and inter-species relationship adjustment of mixed stands in southern Fujian
      Chen Hong
      2000, 8(2): 65-68.
      Abstract PDF
      A preliminary study of economic characters of mulberry planted within contour hedgerows of nitrogen fixing plants
      Yuan Yuan-liang, Sun Hui, Tang Ya
      2000, 8(2): 69-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Four-in-one courtyard ecological pattern and its benefit analysis in Northern Shaanxi
      Bai Yonghong, Lin Guanshi, Ku Fangyi
      2000, 8(2): 72-74.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological patern on the breeding fish in high water level above land in dafeng coastal beach
      Xu Bin, Zhou Xiao-cheng, Feng Yang, Sheng Jian-ming, Yang Jin-cun
      2000, 8(2): 75-77.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on sustainability of grain production in red and yellow soil region of China
      Hou Xiang-yang
      2000, 8(2): 78-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Variation characteristics of village and its relation with farmland productivity in south-center of Hebei province
      Wang Zhi-ping, Hu Chun-sheng, Liu Zhi-jun
      2000, 8(2): 82-85.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on water bodies diversity along N38°transitional belt of alluvial and marine plain in Hebei province
      Mao Xue-sen, Liu Meng-yu
      2000, 8(2): 86-88.
      Abstract PDF
      The theory of eco-agriculture intergrated technologies and the principle of efficiency evaluation
      Li Dong-sheng, Luo Yuan-zhou
      2000, 8(2): 89-92.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-agriculture Industrialization in China
      Zhang Ren-wu, Liu Ying-kun, Li xiao-bo
      2000, 8(2): 93-96.
      Abstract PDF
      Sustainable use of energy resource in China
      Zhu Gui-wei, Qu Fu-tian
      2000, 8(2): 97-100.
      Abstract PDF
      2000, 8(2): 101-102.
      Abstract PDF
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