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      Resources and environment of ocean and its sustainable utilization in China
      An Xiao-ning
      1999, 7(2): 1-5.
      Abstract PDF
      On Clean Energy Programme in China
      Zhu Guo-wei, Qu Fu-tian
      1999, 7(2): 6-8.
      Abstract PDF
      Cost of soil erosion at household level
      Zhu Pei-xin, Qu Fu-tian
      1999, 7(2): 9-13.
      Abstract PDF
      Basic research on sustainable utilization and integrated management of agricultural resources
      Liu Shu-kai, Chen Li-gen
      1999, 7(2): 14-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Main factors affecting soil-borne methane oxidation and measurements for reducing CH4 flux
      Xu Xing-kai, Zhou Li-kai
      1999, 7(2): 18-22.
      Abstract PDF
      The mechanism behind genotypic differences for nitrogen use efficiency in crops
      Tong Yi-ping, Li Ji-yun, Li Zhen-sheng
      1999, 7(2): 23-27.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of fertilization on water use efficiency of winter wheat in arid highland
      Dang Ting-hui
      1999, 7(2): 28-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the crop water use efficiency in black soil region of Northeastern China
      Meng Kai, Zhang Xing-yi
      1999, 7(2): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of film dropping on hill on the growth and yield of arid winter wheat
      Huang Ming-jing, Jin Fan-sheng, Chi Bao-liang, Chen Qien
      1999, 7(2): 36-38.
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      A comparation of energy flow and economic flow between organic and inorganic vegetable production systems
      Xi Yun-guan, Li Zheng-fang, Tai Chong-mei, Wang Qiu-hua, Ding We
      1999, 7(2): 39-42.
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      Preliminary approaches on the chemical-controlling the pre-harvest sprouting of spring wheat(Triticum aestivum L.)
      Liu Xiao-bing, Wang Guang-hua, Yang Shu-ping, Zhang Qiu-ying, Jin Jian
      1999, 7(2): 43-45.
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      Technologies of saline alkali soil amelioration in Huanghe-Huaihe-Haihe Plain-A case study on Pingyuan Experimental Plot in Northwest Shandong
      Dong Zhen-guo, Lu quan-guo
      1999, 7(2): 46-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Technology of tissue cultural propagation of Malus zumi
      Wang Yu-zhen, Feng Xue-zan, Luo Jing-lan, Chen Wen-long
      1999, 7(2): 50-52.
      Abstract PDF
      The eco-agricultural significance on the high stubble mulch of winter wheat
      You Mao-zheng, ZhangXi-ying
      1999, 7(2): 53-54.
      Abstract PDF
      Efficient multiple planting system in sandy soil along the lower reaches of Yangtze River in Jiangsu
      Du Hua-zhang, Zhang Sheng-wang
      1999, 7(2): 55-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Some contradictions and countermeasures in agricultural sustainable development
      Zhao Wen-huan, Shan Zhi-fen
      1999, 7(2): 58-62.
      Abstract PDF
      The recession of agro-ecological environment in Hebei and its improving way
      Tian Kui-xiang, Li Hui-ying, Wang Rong
      1999, 7(2): 63-65.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-agricultural construction at dry valley in the upper reaches of the Minjiang River
      Bao Wei-kai, Chen Jian-zhong, Qiao Yong-kang
      1999, 7(2): 66-68.
      Abstract PDF
      Construction of eco-agriculture at Wangjiagou valley in the hilly loess region of west Shanxi and its trend
      Zhao Yi-xue
      1999, 7(2): 69-72.
      Abstract PDF
      Thinking on the construction of new style eco-agriculture in mountainous regions of the Three Gorges reservoir areas in Chongqing
      Ye Qian-ji, Yu Fa-wen
      1999, 7(2): 73-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Basic characteristics of eco-agriculture in suburbs-Taking Daxing County of Beijing as an example
      Yang Wen-hui, Zhang Chun-hong
      1999, 7(2): 76-78.
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