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      1999, 7(1): 1-8.
      Abstract PDF
      1999, 7(1): 9-13.
      Abstract PDF
      Several theoretical problems in sustainable agriculture
      Cheng Xu
      1999, 7(1): 14-18.
      Abstract PDF
      Review of research fields and research methods of agroecology in recent years
      Luo Shi-ming
      1999, 7(1): 19-22.
      Abstract PDF
      Road of sustainable agriculture development and model of resource use in different countries
      Liu Shu-kai
      1999, 7(1): 23-27.
      Abstract PDF
      Sustainable use of farmland resources in China
      Chen Li-gen
      1999, 7(1): 28-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluating the soil degradation in Zigui County of the Three-Gorge reservoir area
      Zhang Jia-en, Xu Qi
      1999, 7(1): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Establishment of the harmonious mechanism of water and soil to ensure the sustainable development of agriculture
      Peng Ting-bai, Huang Dao-you, Chen Hui-ping, Chen Yan-guo
      1999, 7(1): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Develop the environmental forestry and slow down the flood disaster
      Kong Fan-wen, He Nai-hui
      1999, 7(1): 40-42.
      Abstract PDF
      The response of the dryland crop development and growth to the coupling of the soil water and fertilizers
      Mu Xing-min
      1999, 7(1): 43-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Technical researches on sustainable development of dry land farming
      Ji Zeng-shun
      1999, 7(1): 47-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of local phosphate supply on the growth of wheat seedling
      Sun Hai-guo, Lin Shan, Zhang Fu-suo
      1999, 7(1): 50-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of the irrigation systems of winter wheat on the soil storage water utilization
      Li Jian-min, Wang Pu, Zhou Dian-xi, Lan Lin-wang
      1999, 7(1): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      The movement characteristics of three kinds of weed seeds in ploughed layer of corn field
      Li Shan-lin, Ni Han-wen, Zhang Li
      1999, 7(1): 58-61.
      Abstract PDF
      Comprehensive evalution of ecological adaptability of rice varieties
      Ding Cheng-wei, Liu Chao, Wang Jian-kang, Sun Ke-xin, Guo Rong-liang
      1999, 7(1): 62-65.
      Abstract PDF
      Bio-control effect of trichoderma SPP. and its application
      Zhao Lei
      1999, 7(1): 66-68.
      Abstract PDF
      Time dynamics of insect community in cotton field of Shanxi Province
      Li Sheng-cai, Dong Wen-xia, ShangGuan Xiao-xia
      1999, 7(1): 69-71.
      Abstract PDF
      The demonstrative model of sustainable agriculture of MRL engineering
      Liu Qing, Wu Guo-cheng
      1999, 7(1): 72-74.
      Abstract PDF
      The benefits analysis on aleurites fordii-crops agroforestry system in Nujiang River Valley Area,Yunnan Province
      Shen Li-Xin, Zhao Zi-Fu, Bai Ru-Li, Dai Yi-Yuan
      1999, 7(1): 75-76.
      Abstract PDF
      The structure of ecoeconomic model and its function in homegardens of Dai nationality
      Cai Chuan-tao, Zhang Zhi-ying
      1999, 7(1): 77-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Overcome the limited factors and promote the development of ecological agriculture
      Lu Bing-you, Wang Ru-song, Zhang Ren-wu
      1999, 7(1): 79-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-agricultural construction and comprehensive assessment of the ecosystem of Dehui County
      Zhang Ren-wu, Hu Mei, Wu Yu-xia, Liu Xue-ying, Wang Yu-gang
      1999, 7(1): 82-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Controlling fluorine pollution to ensure stable development of sericulture
      Li Shui-quan
      1999, 7(1): 86-88.
      Abstract PDF
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