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      1996, 4(1): 1-6.
      Abstract PDF
      1996, 4(1): 7-10.
      Abstract PDF
      1996, 4(1): 11-12.
      Abstract PDF
      1996, 4(1): 13-14.
      Abstract PDF
      The main patterns of ecological agriculture in China and the ecology principles of their sustainable development
      Sun Hongliang
      1996, 4(1): 15-22.
      Abstract PDF
      Macroregulation of the integrated rural energy construction
      Zhang Renwu
      1996, 4(1): 23-25.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the patterns of development of ecoeconomic system in mountain districts
      Lin Qingfa
      1996, 4(1): 26-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Technological principles and strategies for development of resourcesaving eco-agriculture in the transitional zone of mountain and plain--A case study from Xilingdi Experimental Area in the hilly districts of Mt. Taihang
      Liu Jintong, Bi Xudai, Cai Hong
      1996, 4(1): 29-32.
      Abstract PDF
      A research on nullisomic backcross method for breeding alien substitution lines
      Mu Sumei, Zhong Guanchang, Li ZhenSheng, Li Bin
      1996, 4(1): 33-36.
      Abstract PDF
      A research on elimination of the bad smell pollution to ecoenvironment from poultry dung
      Hu Shang-qin, Zhou Kai-xiao
      1996, 4(1): 35-37.
      Abstract PDF
      An introduction about studies on the physiology of plant drought resistance
      Li Yunyin
      1996, 4(1): 37-41.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the cultivation techniques for rice(Oryza sativa L.)grown in arsenictoxic paddy soils
      Chen Tongbin, Liu Gengling
      1996, 4(1): 42-44.
      Abstract PDF
      The structure and functions of a compound agro-ecosystem for utilization of the uncultivated land in the suburb of Tianjin
      Cheng Zhishan, Ma Cuiping, Liu Xianjue
      1996, 4(1): 45-48.
      Abstract PDF
      A research on the eco-agricultural construction at Qiaopo Town-ship,Baihe County,Shaanxi province
      Qiu Ling, Zhu Yiman, Li Dalin
      1996, 4(1): 49-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Problems in agricultural developmeat in the plain located in front of Mt. Taihang and ways for dealing with--A case study from Luancheng County,Hebei Province
      Lu Fubao, Wang Shaoren, You Maozheng
      1996, 4(1): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Ways for developing the waste bricklin land at Kangji Ecological Farm and their benefits
      Zhou Zhixiang, Zhong Maogong
      1996, 4(1): 58-61.
      Abstract PDF
      An analysis of the benefits of forestherbage intercropping systems in semi-arid Taihang Mountain Areas
      Wang Jianjiang, Yang Yonghui, Zhang Wanjun
      1996, 4(1): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Quantitative index and techniques for sound seedling and thin planting of rice after wheat harvested
      Sun Quande, Bai Youshan, Han Junjie
      1996, 4(1): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      An analysis of the tree-tea-crop interplanting system and its benefits in Yuanyang County,Sichuan Province
      Tang Zhicheng
      1996, 4(1): 68-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the salt endurance of forage grasse
      Wang Zhansheng, Zhu Han, Sun Jingyu
      1996, 4(1): 72-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Dynamics of soil potassium and effects of fotassium fertilizer application in the rice growing areas of Hexi Passage
      Xu Cuncai
      1996, 4(1): 76-79.
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