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      1995, 3(4): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      1995, 3(4): 5-6.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the coordinated relation of eco-agriculture and ceo-environmetal protection in China
      Zhang Renwu, Ji Wenying, Zhang Tong
      1995, 3(4): 7-12.
      Abstract PDF
      A discussion on some issues related to the construction of eco-agriculture in China
      Wang Hongkang
      1995, 3(4): 13-16.
      Abstract PDF
      Connotation and Principles of resource-saving eco-agriculture in China and ways for its enforcement
      Bi Xudai, Liu Jintong, Yun Zhengming
      1995, 3(4): 17-21.
      Abstract PDF
      First-level agricultural region division and strategies for their sustainable develpment
      Jiang Xuemin, Yang Gangqiao
      1995, 3(4): 22-25.
      Abstract PDF
      Breeding of the new wheat variety,Zaoyou 504,suitable for interplant and multiple cropping
      Zhong Guanchang, Mu Sumei, Zhang Rongqi, Chen Chunhuan, Wang Yue
      1995, 3(4): 26-28.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on developing resource-saving animal husbandary in poor mountain regions--Experiments on meat-type rabbit keeping
      Liu Mingjun
      1995, 3(4): 29-32.
      Abstract PDF
      Potassium balance in farmland in North China plain
      Hu Chaobing, Tian Zhenrong
      1995, 3(4): 33-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Climate chang and sustainable agricultural development in China
      Yu Huning
      1995, 3(4): 38-43.
      Abstract PDF
      The influences of potassium sulfate on maize yield and interaction of nitrogen and potassium
      Chen Tongbing, Xiang Yueqin
      1995, 3(4): 44-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Estimation of evapotranspiration by considering the advection effect
      Mo Xingguo
      1995, 3(4): 49-53.
      Abstract PDF
      Research methods to the ecological factors of crop canopy
      Dong Zhengguo
      1995, 3(4): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Patterns and technologies for high yield of delayed planting winter wheat after cotton harvested
      Liu Ruiwen
      1995, 3(4): 58-62.
      Abstract PDF
      An analysis of the factors affecting N2O emission from arable soils
      Li Jun
      1995, 3(4): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      The development and application of the squeezing instrument for sampling soil water
      Chen Shiqing, Lu Quanguo
      1995, 3(4): 67-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of soil temperature,water stress and sowing depth on germination and emergence of maize
      Wang Huixiao
      1995, 3(4): 70-74.
      Abstract PDF
      1995, 3(4): 75-76.
      Abstract PDF
      1995, 3(4): 77-78.
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