Brief Introduction of Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture (CJEA)

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CJEA was launched on January 1, 1993 (known as “Eco-Agriculture” before 2001). It is superintended by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and sponsored by the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology of CAS and the Chinese Society of Ecologic Economy. CJEA is a monthly journal, published in both Chinese and English on the 1th every month by the Science Press, with the serial number of CN13-1432/S, ISSN 2096-6237.

CJEA is a per-reviewed academic journal that deals inclusively with the theories and methods of eco-agriculture in China. It publishes full-length research papers and review works and covers all major aspects of agroecology, including but not limited to the structure, function, succession and stability of agro-ecosystem; agricultural resources protection and utilization; agro-biology, crop hemerocology, crop resistance physiology and ecology; agro-environment management; control of agricultural pest; sustainable agricultural development and successful eco-agricultural models. Specifically, agro-ecosystem, crop physiology ecology, eco-agricultural practice patterns and few other disciplines of the journal have received high rating among all agricultural periodicals in China.

CJEA is a dual-effect journal of the Chinese Periodicals Matrix, core Sci-Tech Journal of China, one of the 100 Outstanding Academic Journals in China, Outstanding Journal of China. Its current database coverage has gone up to 10 in China: CNKI, CAJ-CD, CAJCCR, CAJCED, CJFD, CJCR, CSA, CSCI, CSCD, CSTPCD; and 6 oversea: UIPD, IC, CABI, CA, SCOPUS, JST. CJEA was honored the first-place awards in the Third and Fourth Chinese Excellent Agricultural Journals’ Award, and the Excellent Journal’s Award in North China. The Impact Factor of the journal in 2020 was 2.112.

Before acceptance, the papers are peer-reviewed at least 3 times by relevant experts from leading national agricultural institutions and universities, and remarks adopted as appropriate by authors. The papers are published in accordance with international standards, with papers in Chinese bearing the English version of the paper title, abstract and key words, tables and figures, and references, etc. or in English with Chinese title, abstract and key words.

Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture

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