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      Discussion on principles of circular economy
      REN Yong, WU Yu-Ping, SUN Gao-Feng
      2005, 13(4): 1-3.
      Abstract PDF
      The development,current status and research trends of organic agriculture
      FENG Chao-Nian, ZHOU Gui-Sheng, LU Jian-Fei
      2005, 13(4): 4-7.
      Abstract PDF
      Measure of sustainable development of Suining national eco-demonstration area
      GE Da-Bing, WU Xiao-Ling, ZOU Dong-Sheng, QIN Pu-Feng, CHEN Jin-Xiang
      2005, 13(4): 8-11.
      Abstract PDF
      The ecological issues in making town environment green
      LIU Xiao-Ling, ZHOU Qing
      2005, 13(4): 12-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Genetic diversity and differentiation in four kinds of economic abalone
      LI Zhong-Bao, LIU Wen-Biao, HAN Fang, LI Hua, CHEN Xiao-De
      2005, 13(4): 15-19.
      Abstract PDF
      The utilization of RAPD technique for the differentiation of mango anthracnose resistance cultivars
      ZHANG Xin
      2005, 13(4): 20-21.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different incubation temperatures on the secondary sex ratio and hatchability of muscovy
      XIAO Tian-Fang, LU Hui-Ming
      2005, 13(4): 22-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Population characterization of microorganism in activated sludge and its influence on substrate degradation
      NIE Yan-Qiu, ZHOU Qing
      2005, 13(4): 25-28.
      Abstract PDF
      The toxicity of Cinnamomum zexlanicum Nees acetone extract to Tetranychus piercei McGregor and its effects on several esterases
      CHEN Qing, YANG Wei-Fan, QIN Li-Jin, WU Zhong-Qin
      2005, 13(4): 29-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of Michelia macclurei root extraction by supercritical fluid on the seed germination of Pinus assoniana
      CAO Guang-Qiu, LIN Si-Zu, WANG Ai-Ping, ZHENG Yan-Ping, HU Zong-Qing
      2005, 13(4): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of medium composition on the growth and secretion of cultured root of Astragalus adsurgens Pall
      YANG Shan-Yun, MA Yong-Qing, SHUI Jun-Feng, ZHU Yan-Feng
      2005, 13(4): 36-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on solid substrate in the whole world
      ZHOU Yue-Hua, NIE Yan-Li, ZHAO Yong-Hong, LI Yong-Mei, HE Fei-Fei
      2005, 13(4): 40-43.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of Kao's organic compound and T vitamins on the generation of embryogenic callus of wheat immature embryo
      ZHU Jin-Yun, YANG Li-Ping, XU Yu-Juan, YANG San-Wei, WANG Sui-Bao
      2005, 13(4): 44-47.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of acid rain on germination of wheat and rape
      JIN Jin, ZENG Qing-Ling, ZHOU Qing
      2005, 13(4): 48-51.
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of O3 and CO2 concentration doubling on the soybean leaf development and biomass
      HUANG Hui, WANG Chun-Yi, BAI Yue-Ming, WEN Min
      2005, 13(4): 52-55.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of daylength and temperature on the spike differentiation of winter wheat
      XUE Xiang, GAO Qing-Lu
      2005, 13(4): 56-59.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of climatic condition on the spike number per plant of wheat
      SUN Ben-Pu, SUN Shi-Zong, LI Feng-Yun, LI Xiu-Yun, LIU Feng
      2005, 13(4): 60-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different relative humidities on physiological activities of wild grape
      SHI Xue-Hui, CHEN Zu-Yu, LIU Kun-Yu, YANG Guo-Shun, ZHONG Xiao-Hong
      2005, 13(4): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of improving temperature effect of desert and its affection on the oases agriculture
      ZHANG Feng-Hua, QIN Li, LAI Xian-Qi, PAN Xu-Dong
      2005, 13(4): 68-70.
      Abstract PDF
      Photosynthesis characteristics and productivity of Stipa bungeana in loess plateau
      WANG Jing, CHENG Ji-Min, WAN Hui-E
      2005, 13(4): 71-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Leaf senescence and active oxygen metabolism of different-type wheats under drought
      FENG Bai-Li, GAO Xiao-Li, WANG Chang-Fa, ZHANG Song-Wu, LI Sheng-Xiu
      2005, 13(4): 74-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on effective nutrient area of‘heinong 35’soybean
      HAN Bing-Jin, JIN Jian, NAKASHIMAHiroshi
      2005, 13(4): 77-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on spatio-temporal variability of green degree in winter wheat leaf
      WU Su-Xia, MAO Ren-Zhao, LI Hong-Jun, HOU Mei-Ting
      2005, 13(4): 82-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of artificial cultivation of Aralia elata under different environmentc onditions
      HANG Mei-Ping, GAO Yu-Gang, WANG Yan-Hong
      2005, 13(4): 86-87.
      Abstract PDF
      Influences of partial root-zone irrigation on the growth and development,yield,and quality of nectarine in greenhouse
      BI Yan-Yong, GAO Dong-Sheng, WANG Xiao-Ying, LI Xian-Li
      2005, 13(4): 88-90.
      Abstract PDF
      Competition of absorbing water,fertilizer and light between Choerospondias axillaries trees and peanut in the red soil of low hilly land—The water use conditions of Choerospondias axillaries trees and peanut
      ZHAI Jin-Sheng, ZHOU Jing, WANG Ming-Zhu, ZHANG Bin
      2005, 13(4): 91-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Advance in water stability of black soil aggregates in Northeast China
      SHI Yi, CHEN Xin, WEN Da-Zhong
      2005, 13(4): 95-98.
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of land use change on the water yield of typical small watershed in gully region at loess plateau—A case study from Wangdonggou watershed in Changwu,Shaanxi Province
      LIU Xian-Zhao, TAN Chun-Ying, SONG Xiao-Yu, ZHANG Xiao-Ping
      2005, 13(4): 99-102.
      Abstract PDF
      A comparative study on water content accuracies measured by neutron probes in cropland
      MAO Fei, REN San-Xue, LIU Geng-Shan, GUO An-Hong, ZHANG Jia-Hua
      2005, 13(4): 103-106.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparison of comprehensive benefits between alfalfa and corn in agriculture-pasture ecotone in the Northeast China
      YAN GHeng-Shan, CAO Min-Jian, FAN Fu, LI Chun-Long, LI Feng-Shan
      2005, 13(4): 107-109.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the soluble salt ions contents of Populus alba L.var.pyramidalis growing in salinity soils
      LIU Jing, WANG Lin-He, ZHANG Fang, LU Jing-Hua
      2005, 13(4): 110-115.
      Abstract PDF
      The distribution character of soil nutrient and precision management of fertilizer in farmland in the piedmont of Taihang
      ZHANG Yu-Ming, MAO Ren-Zhao, HU Chun-Sheng, ZHANG Jia-Bao, ZHU An-Ning
      2005, 13(4): 116-120.
      Abstract PDF
      Transformation of long-lasting UHA in soil and its effect on maize yield
      LI Zhao-Jun, MA Guo-Rui, WANG Shen-Gui, LU Xin
      2005, 13(4): 121-123.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of application of fertilizer K on the quality of flue-cured tobacco in Sichuan Province
      LIAO Xiao-Yong, XIANG Ming, QIN Yi
      2005, 13(4): 124-126.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of continuous application of chicken manure on rice and wheat
      CHEN Bin, JI Xun-Feng, DING Hua-Ping, ZHU Xiu-Ying, ZHONG Chong-Ping
      2005, 13(4): 127-130.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of domestic sewage effluents on the growth and physiological characteristics of Catharanthus roseus
      HU Hong-You, LU Chang-Yi, YE Yong, CHEN Deng-Xiong
      2005, 13(4): 131-134.
      Abstract PDF
      Dynamics of soil fertility of citrus orchards in demonstration area of environmental immigrants,Northwest Guangxi
      XIAO Run-Lin, SU Yi-Rong, HE Tie-Guang, WANG Ke-Lin
      2005, 13(4): 135-137.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of single eleLent and coLpound pollution of Cd,Zn,Pb on soil catalase activity
      YANG Zhi-Xin, FENG Sheng-Dong, LIU Shu-Qing
      2005, 13(4): 138-141.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on heavy metal's characteristics in the soil of vegetable farms in Chongqing City
      LI Qi-Lin, LIU Guang-De, HUANG Yun, WEI Chao-Fu
      2005, 13(4): 142-146.
      Abstract PDF
      CoLprehensive evaluation of Cu and Hg pollution of soil in vegetable farLs in suburb of Fuzhou
      LIU Hong, XIONG De-Zhong, FANG Hui-Yun
      2005, 13(4): 147-149.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of agrochemicals and wastes on soil environment and food safety
      LU Xiao-Nan, MEN GCi-Fu, MA Wan-Zhu, CHEN Xiao-Jia
      2005, 13(4): 150-153.
      Abstract PDF
      The actual state of‘petroleum agriculture’and its environmental impact on irrigation farmland over arid region—A case study from Hexi Corridor Region
      WEI Yuan-Ming, ZHU Li-Xia, KANG Feng-Qin
      2005, 13(4): 154-156.
      Abstract PDF
      Population dynamics of Helicoverpa armigera Hubner in transgenic,SGK321,GK12 and 33B
      ZHOU Hong-Xu, GUO Jian-Ying, WAN Fang-Hao, ZHANG Gui-Fen, LIU Wan-Xue
      2005, 13(4): 157-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Toxicity of spinosad to Plutella xylostella(L.)and its natural enemies
      XU Jian-Xiang, QIAO Jing, ZHONG Chong-Xiang
      2005, 13(4): 161-163.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the grafted tomatoes controlling root-nematode in greenhouse
      ZHENG Chang-Ying, CAO Zhi-Ping, CHEN Guo-Kang, CHEN Yun-Feng, YANG Hang
      2005, 13(4): 164-166.
      Abstract PDF
      Research progress and prospect on classification and grading of agricultural land in China
      PENG Jian, JIANG Yi-Jun, LIU Song, ZHANG Qing-Chun
      2005, 13(4): 167-170.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on cropland grading information system in Xiantao City
      NIE Yan, ZHOU Yong, ZENG Ju-Xin
      2005, 13(4): 171-174.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on Web-based land resources data sharing
      GUO Teng-Yun, CHEN Xiao-Gang, WU Shao-Hong, WANG Lei
      2005, 13(4): 178-177.
      Abstract PDF
      Stability evaluation of ecosystem on Honghu Lake wetlands
      WANG Qian, WU Sheng-Jun, XIAO Fei, XUE Huai-Ping, REN Xian-You
      2005, 13(4): 178-180.
      Abstract PDF
      Comprehensive evaluation of natural factors fragile of eco-environment in Poyang Lake region
      CHEN Mei-Qiu, CAI Hai-Sheng, HUANG Liang
      2005, 13(4): 181-183.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the change of agriculture landscape pattern based on GIS—A case study from Maping Town,Zhangpu County,Fujian Province
      CHENG Jiong, WU Zhi-Feng, LIU Ping
      2005, 13(4): 184-186.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of sustainable development of typical small watershed in mountainous area—A case study from Sanduhe small watershed in Beijing
      DUAN Wen-Biao, REN Cui-Mei
      2005, 13(4): 187-190.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of wild pueraria and bahia grass on soil and water conservation and soil amelioration in red soil of hilly land
      FAN Shu-Ying, WU Cai-Jun, QU Xue-Yan
      2005, 13(4): 191-193.
      Abstract PDF
      The function of Forsythia on the prevention and control of erosion in Loess Plateau
      XU Mao-Jie, WANG Yu-Qing, NIU Yan-Bing
      2005, 13(4): 194-196.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of bahia grass(Paspalu notatu )to eco-agriculture construction in Southern China
      LI Guo-Huai, YI Hua-Lin, XIA Ren-Xue
      2005, 13(4): 197-199.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on pattern of ecological fishery in water body of low-hilly red soil region—A case study from Yujiang County,Jiangxi Province
      WEI Jian-Zhi, ZENG Pin-Bao, HUANG You-Hua, WANG Ming-Zhu, CHEN Shao-Fu
      2005, 13(4): 200-203.
      Abstract PDF
      Embankment agriculture at Dongting Lake plain and substitutive agricultural mode after changing farmland into lake
      PENG Pei-Qin
      2005, 13(4): 204-206.
      Abstract PDF
      The eco-agricultural model of the development of rainwater-harvesting technology in semiarid area
      WANG Jun, XU Jin-Zhang
      2005, 13(4): 207-209.
      Abstract PDF
      Eco-agricultural model of fruit-grass-livestock-edible fungi-biogas in southeast of Fujian
      LAI De-Fang, SHEN Kui-Min, CAI Yuan-Cheng
      2005, 13(4): 210-213.
      Abstract PDF
      Exploration on the construction model of ecological agriculture in Weibei Loess Plateau
      LI UYu-Feng, FAN Hong-Zhang, DU Sheng-Ming
      2005, 13(4): 214-216.
      Abstract PDF
      A studyon the Lodels of eco-agricultural developLent in typical Karst Gorge Region—A case study from Dingtan District of Huajiang Gorge in Guizhou Province
      SU Wei-Ci, YANG Hua
      2005, 13(4): 217-220.
      Abstract PDF
      Production frame and eco-nutritional manipulation on non-public hazard,green and organic animal husbandry
      TANG Shao-Xun, TAN Zhi-Liang, SHAN Ji-Guang
      2005, 13(4): 221-225.
      Abstract PDF
      Industrialization of the control and prevention of livestock feeding pollution in China
      XU De-Hui, WANG Han-Min
      2005, 13(4): 226-228.
      Abstract PDF
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