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      Greenhouse crop model and environmental control and management
      SUN Zhong-Fu, CHEN Ren-Jie
      2003, 11(4): 1-3.
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      Application of chemical methods on frost disaster prevention
      SUN Zhong-Fu, DONG Zhe-Sheng, ZHANG Jian-Cheng, GUO Shang
      2003, 11(4): 4-6.
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      Study on the instrumental error of the portable photosynthesis system
      HUANG Bin-Xiang, SHI Sheng-Jin, ZHANG Li
      2003, 11(4): 7-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on the photosynthesis of the green organs of wheat
      SHI Sheng-Jin, HUANG Bin-Xiang, WANG Zhi-Min
      2003, 11(4): 10-11.
      Abstract PDF
      lndex 0f reasonable sunshine-hour and temperature and its effect on growth period and output of Safflower
      WANG Jian, ZHENG Wei, YU Shu-Long
      2003, 11(4): 12-14.
      Abstract PDF
      The initial study of the relationship between meteorological factors and agronomic characters of soybean in Beijing area
      TIAN Zhi-Hui, CHEN Xue-Zhen, XIE Hao, QIN Xiao
      2003, 11(4): 15-17.
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      Effects of effective microorganisms (EM) compost on summer maize growth and development
      TONG Xiao-Juan, LI Wei-Jiong, NI Yong-Zhen
      2003, 11(4): 18-20.
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      Effects of 60Co-r ray radiation on the growth Speed and chlorophyll content of Begonia tuberhybrida Voss ,Ph.viotlacea Rchb.,Cyclamen persicum Mil1.,Dahlia pinnata Chlav
      QIANG ji-Ye, CHEN Zong-Yu, LI Fo-Lin, FAN Li-Li
      2003, 11(4): 21-23.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis of the influence factors on winter wheat canopy temperature
      GUO Jia-Xuan, MEI Xu-Rong, LU ghi-Guang
      2003, 11(4): 24-26.
      Abstract PDF
      Impact of agriculture on the soil sink for methane
      LI Jun, YU Qiang, TONG Xiao-Juan
      2003, 11(4): 27-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the relation between paddy field temperature and methane emission flux
      WANG Ling, XIE De-Ti, LIU Hai-Long, YANG Zuo-Ming
      2003, 11(4): 29-31.
      Abstract PDF
      lnquirement to adjusting and controlling index of flowering period of the comlnon calla
      QIAN Miao-Fen
      2003, 11(4): 32-33.
      Abstract PDF
      The dependency analysis of leaf area m athematic sim ulation。flower bud length,and flower stem length of Strelitzia reginae
      QIAN Miao-Fen
      2003, 11(4): 34-35.
      Abstract PDF
      The climatic regionalization of protected horticulture in South China
      ZHANG Ya-Hong, CHEN Oing-Yun, CHEN Duan-Sheng
      2003, 11(4): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Relationship between leaf transpiration rate of Lycium barbarum L.and its physiological factor as well as environmental micrometeorological factors
      LIU Jing, WANG Lian-Xi, LI Feng-Xia, DAI Xiao-Li, SU Zhan-Sheng
      2003, 11(4): 40-42.
      Abstract PDF
      A studv on the breath rate change of basidiomycetes at mycelial stage
      YANG Jie, ZHONG Yang-He
      2003, 11(4): 43-46.
      Abstract PDF
      The diagnosis and estimation of CO2 concentration increasing and climate warming on the agricultural production
      WANG Xiu-Lan, XU Shi-Hua, CUI Du-Chang
      2003, 11(4): 47-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Numerical simulation study of fine-mesh compartment of mountain agroclimatic resource in Beijing Mentougou area
      GUO Wen-Li, CHEN Ming-Xuan, ZHANG Hong-Tao
      2003, 11(4): 49-54.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on surface water transport in agricultural landscape on the slop lands of red soil(dry season)I.Water transport at soil-atmosphere interface
      XIE Xiao-Li, DUAN Hua-Ping, WANG Kai-Rong
      2003, 11(4): 55-58.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on surface water transport in agricultural landscape on the slop lands of red soil(dry season)l1.Water transport at leafoatmosphere interface
      XIE Xiao-Li, DUAN Hua-Ping, WANG Kai-Rong
      2003, 11(4): 59-62.
      Abstract PDF
      The periodic characteristic of wind speed above and within a maize canopy
      JIANG Zhao-Yang, WANG Tian-Duo, YU Qiang, SUN Xiao-Min
      2003, 11(4): 63-65.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on evapotranspiration of field ecological system of summer maize in Northern Plain
      YANG Xiao-Guang, LIU Hai-Long, WANG Yu-Lin, YU Hu-Ning
      2003, 11(4): 66-68.
      Abstract PDF
      Normalized leaf area index model for summer maize
      LIN Zhong-Hui, XIANG Yue-Qin, M0 Xing-Guo, LI Jun, WANG Ling
      2003, 11(4): 69-72.
      Abstract PDF
      An assessment model for effects of climate abnormity on wheat production in North China Plain
      FENG Li-Ping, SUN Ning, LIU Rong-Hua, WANG Yong-Qin
      2003, 11(4): 73-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on energy and C02 fluxes over winter wheat fields with different water treatments
      MO Xing-Guo, CHEN Dan, LIN Zhong-Hui, XIANG Yue-Qin
      2003, 11(4): 77-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of evapotranspiration and energy budget of soybean field in the Sanjiang Plain
      WANG Yi-Yong, YANG Qing, ZHANG Guang, HUANG Chun-Jie, MA You-Bin
      2003, 11(4): 82-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the situation of soil organic carbon storage in ecotone between ag riculture and anim al husbandry-A case study from Inner Mongolia
      QIU Jian-Jun, TANG Hua-Jun, LI Chang-Sheng
      2003, 11(4): 86-88.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on abroad challenges of scaling-up of crop models for regional applications
      LIU Bu-Chun, WANG Shi-Li, MA Yu-Ping
      2003, 11(4): 89-91.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of water control in combination of depth and amount on dry matter partition and water use efficiency of winter wheat
      REN Wei, YA0 Ke-Min, YU Oiang, OUYANG Zhu, WANG Ling
      2003, 11(4): 92-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Research progression on characteristics of water expend and water rise efficiency of aerobic rice
      YANG Jie, YANG Xiao-Guang
      2003, 11(4): 95-98.
      Abstract PDF
      Plastic mulching effects on potato under drip irrigation and furrow irrigation
      WANG Feng-Xin, KANG Yao-Hu, LIU Shi-Ping
      2003, 11(4): 99-102.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of sprinkler irrigation on the field mieroclimate
      LIU Hal-Jun, KANG Yue-Hu, LIU Shi-Ping
      2003, 11(4): 103-107.
      Abstract PDF
      Study oil water requirement and the moisture index of spring wheat in irrigated areas of Ningxia
      LI Feng-Xia, WANG Lian-Xi, LIU Jing, XU Yang-Chun
      2003, 11(4): 108-110.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the water use efficiency of upland rice in different water treatments
      ZHAO Jun-Fang, YANG Xiao-Guang, WANG Zhi-Min, WANG Hua-Qi, B.A,M,Bouman
      2003, 11(4): 111-113.
      Abstract PDF
      Compensative effects of plant chemical regulation Of physiological harm caused by water stress after flowering of winter wheat
      DUAN Liu-Sheng, GUAN Cai-Hong, HE Zhong-Pei, ZHAI Zhi-Xi
      2003, 11(4): 114-117.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on benefits of soil and water conservation on sloping land orchard of red soil
      LIU Shi-Yu, CHENG Dong-Bing
      2003, 11(4): 118-120.
      Abstract PDF
      The changes of planting structure and rational use of water resource in the oasis of Minqin County,Gansu Province
      HE Ya-Juan, PAN Xue-Biao
      2003, 11(4): 121-123.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of water resources and countermeasures to the shortage of agricultural water in Jizhou City
      LIU Zi-Ying, LIU Bao-Ming
      2003, 11(4): 124-125.
      Abstract PDF
      The study on heat island effect in Beijing during last 40 years
      S0NG Yan-Ling, ZHANG Shang-Yin
      2003, 11(4): 126-129.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation on eco-climate adaptability of crop and herbage in northern ecotone
      LU Yu-Hua, ZHENG Da-We
      2003, 11(4): 130-133.
      Abstract PDF
      Review on turfgrass variety selection and application in transitional zones of China
      HU Lin, LI Min, ZHAO Bing-Xiang, YU Lu-Sheng
      2003, 11(4): 134-136.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of climatic change on tobacco yield and the selection of its adaptive region in China
      LIAO Yao-Ming, ZHOU Xiao-Rong
      2003, 11(4): 137-138.
      Abstract PDF
      Variety in agro-climate of Three-Gorges Reservoir in Chongqing
      LIU Hai-Long, YANG Xiao-Guang, WANG Ling
      2003, 11(4): 139-142.
      Abstract PDF
      A loss estimation model and drought monitoring of wheat in mountainous areas of South Ningxia
      LIU Jing, WANG Lian-Xi, MA Li-Wen, WU Wan-Li, SUN Yin-Chuan
      2003, 11(4): 143-147.
      Abstract PDF
      The relationship between aroma and taste of flue-cured tobacco leaves and elevation in Dalou Mountmnous Region of Northern of Guizhou
      MU Biao, YANG Jian-Song, LI Ming-Hai
      2003, 11(4): 148-151.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of the adverse condition of shading-nets on yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco
      XIAO Jin-Xiang, WANG Yan, LI Hui, HE Kuan-Xin, LI Li-Xin
      2003, 11(4): 152-154.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different sowing dates on yieid and protein content of spring wheat
      SUN Yan-Kun, FU Qiang, WANG Hong-Yan
      2003, 11(4): 155-157.
      Abstract PDF
      The influence of climatic ecology factors on the yield and quality of flue-cured tobacco and the countermeasures of planting tobacco in Jiangxi
      XIAO Jin-Xiang, LIU Zheng-He, WANG Yan, HE Kuan-Xin, LI Li-Xin
      2003, 11(4): 158-160.
      Abstract PDF
      Researches on contribution rate of rainfall to the yield of spring wheat
      LI Bao-Hua, LI Xiao-Hong, LIU Ya-Ping, LI De-Ming
      2003, 11(4): 161-162.
      Abstract PDF
      Microclimate analysis of Yingtaogou Valley.Beijing City
      GUO Wen-Li, WU Chun-Yan, WANG Zhi-Hua, TANG Guang, OUYANG gong-Ji
      2003, 11(4): 163-165.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the microclimate of sheep-raising house in winter in pasturing area of northern ecotone
      LU Yu-Hua, GAI Yu
      2003, 11(4): 166-168.
      Abstract PDF
      The climatic resource characteristics and countermeasures of agricultural development in Leizhou Peninsula
      ZHI Shi-Qun, LIU Ai-Jun, ZHOU Shi-Huai
      2003, 11(4): 169-170.
      Abstract PDF
      Reasonable exploitation of climatic resources to develop vegetable industry in Guangzhou
      LUO Sen-Bo, OU Shan-Guo, LUO Qiu-Hong, TU Yue-Xian
      2003, 11(4): 171-172.
      Abstract PDF
      Agro-meteorology information and forecast service system of province class in Guangxi
      OU Zhao-Rong
      2003, 11(4): 173-175.
      Abstract PDF
      Characters of natural resources and environment of ecotone and its countermeasures of sustainable development
      ZHAO Ju, ZHENG Da-Wei, TUO De-Bao
      2003, 11(4): 176-177.
      Abstract PDF
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