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      Tendency of world economy for sustainable development in the 21st century-Green economy
      WU Yu-Ping, DONG Suo-Cheng, XU Min-Ying
      2002, 10(2): 1-3.
      Abstract PDF
      Production, trade and legal regulation management systems of organic agricultural products at home and abroad
      MENG Fan-Qiao, WU Wen-Liang
      2002, 10(2): 4-6.
      Abstract PDF
      The photosynthesis of the typical ecosystems and their primary plants in the middle subtropical zone
      SUN Hua, SUN Bo, ZHANG Tao-Lin
      2002, 10(2): 7-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Investigation on the freeze-damaged trees by twice uttermost microtherm encountered once in one hundred or fifty years in FujJan
      ZENG Lin-Xiang
      2002, 10(2): 10-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on technology of sowing and cultivating seedling of cycad(Cycus revoluta)
      FU Rui-Shu
      2002, 10(2): 15-18.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on cold resistance of top buds of Paulownia elongata's seedlings
      H0U Yuan-Kai, ZHAI Ming-Pu, NIE Ai-She, CHANG Li-Ruo
      2002, 10(2): 19-21.
      Abstract PDF
      Primary isolation and bioassay of allelochemicals from several tree species
      CAO Guang-Qiu, LIN Si-Zu, LIU Yan, DU Ling
      2002, 10(2): 22-25.
      Abstract PDF
      Tissue culture of Lilium wardlii
      PAN Jin-Xu, XING Zhen, ZHENG Wei-Lie
      2002, 10(2): 26-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on root microorganism community of“RCH” transgenic rice
      YANG Yu-Feng, YUAN Hong-Xu, LIU Yue-Lian, XU Xin-Ping, LI Bao-Jian
      2002, 10(2): 29-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Advances of research on systemic acquired resistance in plant
      WANG Sheng-Rong, ZHU Ke-Gong
      2002, 10(2): 32-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of Pseudomonas solanacearum infection on H202 metabolism and chlorophyll fluorescence parameters and their relations to disease resistance
      KE Yu-Qin, PAN Ting-Guo, FANG Shu-Min
      2002, 10(2): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Efrects of different methods on growth of plantlets and microtuber induction in potato
      BAI Shu-Xia, AN Zhong-Min, WANG Jing, FENG Xue-Zan
      2002, 10(2): 40-41.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of carbon dioxide concentration on the reproductive growth of Pleurotus lucidum
      GUO Jia-Xuan, ZHONG Yang-He
      2002, 10(2): 42-43.
      Abstract PDF
      The influence of poplar-crop intercropping on crop nutrient compositions
      YUAN Yu-Xin, MA Rong-Ze, WEI Hong-Xia, SHAO Ji-Xiang
      2002, 10(2): 44-46.
      Abstract PDF
      The application effect and action mechanism of plant growth regulator(ABT6#)on cucumber
      JIANG Wei-Jie, LIU Wei, YU Hong-Jun, DING Hai-Feng
      2002, 10(2): 47-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of cultural media and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on horticultural crops
      SHI Zhao-Yong, LIU Run-Jin, LI Rui-Qing
      2002, 10(2): 50-52.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of media and fertilization on bulblets regeneration and flowering of Lilium longiflorum
      CHEN Jie-Min, ZHAO Jiu-Zhou, WANG Yi-Qing, WANG Ai-Hua, CHEN Dong-Huan
      2002, 10(2): 53-55.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparison of growing features in field by using manganese deficiency rice seedlings from dry nursery
      WANG Jia-Chen, ZHANG Fu-Suo, LU Shi-Hua, ZENG Xiang-Zhong
      2002, 10(2): 56-59.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of allelochemicals on soil nitrification
      LIU Xiu-Fen
      2002, 10(2): 60-62.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on coordinate effect of nitrogen and phosphorus and precipitation on various farmland ecological systems in different precipitation years
      HU Hua, ZHOU Tao
      2002, 10(2): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      The transfer of phosphorus resource in sand soil and its utilization by wine-grapes
      ZHOU Tao, SHANG Hong-Ying, LIANG Jin-Xiu, RUI Jian-Hue
      2002, 10(2): 67-70.
      Abstract PDF
      Index of precision fertilizer in high yield region of Taihang Piedmont
      YANG Li-Lin, HU Chun-Sheng
      2002, 10(2): 71-75.
      Abstract PDF
      A summary of soil microbial biomass nitrogen
      TANG Yu-Xia, JIA Shu-Long, MENG Chun-Xiang, ZHANG Gui-Min, LIU Chun-Tian
      2002, 10(2): 76-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on soil nutrient redistribution under contour hedgerow system
      SUN Hui, TANG Ya, HE Yong-Hua, ZHAO Qi-Guo
      2002, 10(2): 79-82.
      Abstract PDF
      Dynamic changes and quantification of winter wheat leaf area
      QIAO Yu-Hui, YU Zhen-Rong, Driessen P.M.
      2002, 10(2): 83-85.
      Abstract PDF
      Efrects of light and temperature factors on yield and its components in maize
      LI Yan-Zhao, DONG Xian-Wang, LIU Guang-Liang, TAO Fei
      2002, 10(2): 86-89.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of water status and temperature on leaf growth
      LIU Xiao-Hong, ZHAO Liang-Ju, WANG Guo-Dong
      2002, 10(2): 90-93.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of water stress on AsA-GSH cycle and H202 content in maize root
      WANG Juan, LI De-Quan
      2002, 10(2): 94-96.
      Abstract PDF
      Experimentation study on water deficit effect of summer maize
      JIA Jin-Sheng, LIU Chang-Ming, WANG Hui-Xiao
      2002, 10(2): 97-101.
      Abstract PDF
      Use of crop water stress index as indicators for scheduling irrigation in winter wheat
      ZHANG Xi-Ying, PEI Dong, CHEN Su-Ying
      2002, 10(2): 102-105.
      Abstract PDF
      Vegetation micro-ecology and application of vegetation micro-ecology preparation
      CAI Yuan-Cheng
      2002, 10(2): 106-108.
      Abstract PDF
      Advances in pulp making and bleaching by microorganism
      LIU Xiang-Hua, ZOU Dong-Sheng
      2002, 10(2): 109-110.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological management of the cotton bollworm in Xinjiang
      SHENG Cheng-Fa, SU Jian-Wei, XUAN Wei-Jian, WANG Hong-Tuo
      2002, 10(2): 111-114.
      Abstract PDF
      The use of a soil recuperation in vegetable’s field in solar greenhouse
      CAO Xiao-Yan, ZHANG Bao-Cheng, ZHANG Hong
      2002, 10(2): 115-116.
      Abstract PDF
      Research on the mode of constructing eco-agricuiture in developed region in China-A CRSe study from Jiangsu Wujin Comprehensive Development District of Foreign-Oriented Agriculture
      GAO Huai-You, ZHOU Qi-Wen, ZHANG Ren-Wu, TAO Zhan, CHEN Jin-Fa
      2002, 10(2): 117-119.
      Abstract PDF
      Exploitation and utilization of the tourism agriculture resources in Dongting lake wetland
      ZHUANG Da-Chang, DONG Ming-Hui
      2002, 10(2): 120-122.
      Abstract PDF
      Practice and thought in development of water-system agriculture in Yangzhou City of Jiangsu Province
      XIAO Ju-Wu, LU Jian-Fei, JIN Xu-Hui
      2002, 10(2): 123-125.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on agricultural integrative development and control in red soil area——A case study of Huangdu watershed in Anji County,Zhejiang Province
      WANG Wei-Ping, ZHONG Chuan-Sheng, XU Yang-Kun, LI Ying-Ying
      2002, 10(2): 126-127.
      Abstract PDF
      A case study of air resource value accounting in Jiangsu Province
      WANG Shu-Man, QU Fu-Tian
      2002, 10(2): 128-129.
      Abstract PDF
      Construction of the platform of precise cultivation network in Luancheng
      LI Hong-Jun, CHENG Yi-Song
      2002, 10(2): 130-132.
      Abstract PDF
      The patterns innovation of agricultural technology prog ress in the Western Regions
      WANG Wen-Chang, ZHAO Bao-Hong
      2002, 10(2): 133-135.
      Abstract PDF
      Preliminary studies of management of livestock pollution in China
      LI Yuan, SHAN Zheng-Jun, XU De-Hui
      2002, 10(2): 136-138.
      Abstract PDF
      Green economy and sustainable development
      HUANG Li-Hong, LIN Wen-Xiong, GUO Yu-Chun, CHEN Fang-Yu
      2002, 10(2): 139-140.
      Abstract PDF
      Exploitation of green foods and promotion of sustainable development of agriculture in Shaanxi Province
      YANG Yi-Zhe
      2002, 10(2): 141-142.
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