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      Characteristics of incoming radiation through maize canopy
      Mo Xing-guo, Lin Zhong-hui, Xiang Yue-qin, Liu Su-xia
      2000, 8(1): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis of the net radiation on paddy fields in red earth hilly region of China
      Liu Yun-fen, Li Jia-yong
      2000, 8(1): 5-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of radiation and heat processes over wheat field in North China Plain
      Lu Pei-ling, Yu Qiang, Luo Yi
      2000, 8(1): 10-13.
      Abstract PDF
      Studies on panicle shading of rice with different row directions and spike types
      Han Ya-dong, Zhang Wen-zhong, Xu Zheng-jin, Liu Xin-an, Jin Xue-hua
      2000, 8(1): 14-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of different light quality(spectrum) on crop growth and development
      Xu Shi-hua, Wang Xiu-lan, Wu Yi-ming
      2000, 8(1): 18-20.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of water deficiency on canopy temperature of winter wheat
      Liu En-min, Yu Qiang, Xie Xian-qun
      2000, 8(1): 21-23.
      Abstract PDF
      The relationship between discrepancy of canopy and air temperature and crop water deficiency
      Liang Yin-li, Zhang Cheng-e
      2000, 8(1): 24-26.
      Abstract PDF
      The water stress detection system of winter wheat and summer maize
      Yang Xiao-guang, Yu Hu-ning
      2000, 8(1): 27-29.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on drought-wet changing environment and compensative effect rules of crops
      Huang Zhan-bin
      2000, 8(1): 30-33.
      Abstract PDF
      Study of water dynamics and water use efficiency in mulched winter wheat field
      Zhu Zi-xi, Zhao Guo-qiang, Deng Tian-hong, Fang Wen-song, Fu Xiang-jun
      2000, 8(1): 34-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Water equilibrium in subtropical hilly ecosystems and its impacts on agriculture
      Xie Xiao-li, Wang Kai-rong, Zhou Wei-jun, Tong Cheng-li
      2000, 8(1): 38-41.
      Abstract PDF
      A primary study on the effects of seeping irrigation on water-saving and yieldincreasing of winter wheat in Beijing
      Feng Li-ping, Zhen Wen-chao, Batur Bake
      2000, 8(1): 42-44.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence of agricultural micro-environment factors on greenhouse gases emission from the soil
      Qi Yu-chun, Dong Yun-she, Zhang Shen
      2000, 8(1): 45-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of carbon dioxide concentration on the growth and development of mushroom
      Guo Jia-xuan, Zhong Yang-he, Zhang Shu-xia
      2000, 8(1): 49-52.
      Abstract PDF
      Technique system of applying CO2 from industrial exhaust gas to greenhouse vegetable
      Wang Xi-ping, Wei Rui-jiang, Xiang Yun, Chang Gui-rong, Li Jun-ling
      2000, 8(1): 53-55.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on the time course of the fruit expansion of navel orange
      Wang Xin-li, Ni Guo-yu
      2000, 8(1): 56-59.
      Abstract PDF
      Changes of eco-environment of farmland and development of some crops diseases and insect pests
      Zhao Bing-zi, Xu Fu-an
      2000, 8(1): 60-62.
      Abstract PDF
      Effect of the mulching of paspalum notatum flugge on the microclimate in orchard
      Xiao Jin-xiang, Luo Wei-nian, Dong Wen-da, Cao Xiu-xiang, Liu Shi-yu
      2000, 8(1): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the vegetation parameterization scheme
      Chen Wan-long, Shao Hai-yan
      2000, 8(1): 67-72.
      Abstract PDF
      Environmental regulation of plant tissue culture
      Wu Yi-ming
      2000, 8(1): 73-75.
      Abstract PDF
      The design and application of an observation instrument of microclimate within crop canopy
      Sun Xiao-min, Yu Qiang, Luo Yi, Xie Xian-qun, Jiang Zhao-yang, Wang Tian-duo
      2000, 8(1): 76-79.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of cooling summer on the yields of cotton and double rice in Jiangxi Province
      Wei Li, Zhang Jian-ping
      2000, 8(1): 80-82.
      Abstract PDF
      Impacts of climatic change on the suitability of temperature for rice at developmental stages and the potential productivity in the Hang-Jia-Hu Region
      Li Quan-sheng, Luo Yue-zhen
      2000, 8(1): 83-86.
      Abstract PDF
      Climate divison of tea tree cultivated limit in China
      Jiang Yue-lin, Li Zhuo
      2000, 8(1): 87-90.
      Abstract PDF
      2000, 8(1): 91-92.
      Abstract PDF
      2000, 8(1): 93-94.
      Abstract PDF
      Climate ecology adaptability of economic crop varieties introduced in Shanghai area
      He Fang-fang, Duan Xiang-suo, Yang Xing-wei
      2000, 8(1): 95-96.
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