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      1999, 7(3): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      1999, 7(3): 1-3.
      Abstract PDF
      1999, 7(3): 4-5.
      Abstract PDF
      Roles of soil water in regulating root growth and distribution
      Feng Guang-long, Liu Chang-ming, Wang Li
      1999, 7(3): 5-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Strengthen water and soil conservation for harnessing water flood
      He Nai-wei, Yin Xiao-qing
      1999, 7(3): 6-10.
      Abstract PDF
      Progresses in efficiently utilization of potassium in soil by plant
      Zou Chun-qin, Li Zhen-sheng, Li Ji-yun
      1999, 7(3): 10-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Supply and demand of water resources and analysis of crop water use efficiency in the North China Plain
      Wang Hui-xiao, Liu Chang-ming
      1999, 7(3): 11-15.
      Abstract PDF
      Agricultural structure patterns for water and soil conservation in mountain region_A case study from the upper reaches of Ba River in Luotian County in Dabie Mountain Region
      Tan Chuan-feng, Li Jia-cheng
      1999, 7(3): 15-20.
      Abstract PDF
      Physical and chemical indicators of soil health diagnostics and its application
      Hu Chun-sheng
      1999, 7(3): 16-18.
      Abstract PDF
      Preliminary study on magnetic susceptibility of saline soil
      Mao Ren-zhao, Fitzpatrick R.W.
      1999, 7(3): 19-21.
      Abstract PDF
      The eco-environment of irrigation in the Northwest and countermeasures
      Xing Da-wei
      1999, 7(3): 21-24.
      Abstract PDF
      Ways for increasing water use efficiency in farmland of Taihang piedmont
      Zhang Xi-ying, Pei Dong, You Mao-zheng
      1999, 7(3): 22-26.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on eco-agricultural models in the main dry wheat areas of South Shanxi
      Guo Ping-yi, Miao Guo-yuan, Yin Jun, Gao Zhi-qiang
      1999, 7(3): 25-29.
      Abstract PDF
      Overshoot mechanism of summer maize water stress and its application
      Yang Xiao-guang, Yu Hu-ning
      1999, 7(3): 27-31.
      Abstract PDF
      Statistic classification of winter wheat growth conditions by using NOAA satellite information
      Zhang Ai-min, Ma Xiao-qun
      1999, 7(3): 30-34.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecoeconomic viewpoint on controlling weeds in the field of summer maize in the North China
      Jiang De-feng, Song Ji-zuo, Wu Jun-bo, Ni Han-wen, Li Sun-rong
      1999, 7(3): 32-34.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of methane fermentation residues(MFR) on soil improvement
      Zhang Wu-di, Zhou Chang-ping, Liu Shi-qing
      1999, 7(3): 35-37.
      Abstract PDF
      Review on alfalfa-crop rotations
      Wang Qing-suo, Zhang Yu-fa, Su Jia-kai, Zhang Yong-ting
      1999, 7(3): 35-38.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on comprehensive ecoagricultural programming in the hilly loess region of West Shanxi
      Wang Xue-meng, Xing Li-pin, Guo Chang-lian, Nie Hong-sheng
      1999, 7(3): 38-42.
      Abstract PDF
      Cultivating A.Polytricha with forage and biogas residues and the effect of fungi residues on soil improvement
      Weng Bo-qi, Ying Zhao-yang, Jiang Zhi-he, Luo Tao
      1999, 7(3): 39-42.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on sampling different state of soil water and their characters of chemical compositions
      Geng Qing-guo, An Zhong-min, Yoshinori Aiba
      1999, 7(3): 43-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth,yield and quality of Phaseolus vulgaris field
      Li Min, Jiang De-feng, Meng Xiang-xia, Liu Run-jin, Li Xiao-lin
      1999, 7(3): 43-46.
      Abstract PDF
      Elemental study on the population dynamics of Lepidoptera phototactic insects in hill area of lower Taihang Mountain
      Liu Zhi-jun, Ma Zhong-qiu, Yun Zheng-ming
      1999, 7(3): 47-50.
      Abstract PDF
      The water-savng effects of straw mulch in field
      Zhou Ling-yun, Zhou Liu-zong, Xu Meng-xiong
      1999, 7(3): 49-52.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of phosphate on wheat growth in high-boron soil
      Yin Jun, Zhu Jin-yun, Paull J.G.,Rathjen A.J.
      1999, 7(3): 51-54.
      Abstract PDF
      Material and energy fluxes and benefit evaluation for greenhouse ecosystem
      Li Wen-qing, Luo Hong-yi, Liu Jia-fen
      1999, 7(3): 53-55.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on plantingbreeding complex agro-ecosystem in the low hill land of red earth
      He Yuan-qiu, Wang Ming-zhu
      1999, 7(3): 55-58.
      Abstract PDF
      A study on the characters of micro-hydrological cycle and water use efficiency of crops in the waterlogged lowland of Heilonggang Region
      Yin Yan-feng, Chen Hong-en
      1999, 7(3): 56-60.
      Abstract PDF
      Regional difference of cropping-animal husbandry system and its developmental trends at intensive farming region in the Changjiang River Delta
      Zhang Wei-jian, Bian Xin-min, Li Chang-xin, Zhang Xi-gu, Wang Long-yu
      1999, 7(3): 59-62.
      Abstract PDF
      Effects of straw mulch in wheat field and its effects on yield increase
      Yuan Jia-fu
      1999, 7(3): 61-65.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis on environment of rural industrial system in Heilongjiang Province
      Li Lin, Lu Shi-lei, Li Sen
      1999, 7(3): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological effects of ploughing and softening with aggregate dressing for wide-row close maize growing in the semi-humidity dryprone areas
      Li Xue-min
      1999, 7(3): 66-69.
      Abstract PDF
      Agro-ecoeconomic division at Caoduhe River valley
      Lu Lan, Cai Qiu, Lu Qian
      1999, 7(3): 67-70.
      Abstract PDF
      Climatic ecological division and growth characters of wheat in Henan Provice
      Zhang Shi-cheng, Ding Yun-hua, Guo Rong-xiu
      1999, 7(3): 70-73.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysis and calculation of energy flow on agro-ecological engineering of Liuminying
      1999, 7(3): 71-72.
      Abstract PDF
      Developing nutrimental agriculture for the demand of nourishment from increasing population
      Jiang Yu-ming, Sun Wan-peng, Huang Qing-he, Xie Yang, Yu Bao-ping
      1999, 7(3): 73-76.
      Abstract PDF
      The technologies of manuring,irrigation,cultivation and growth features of rotary tillage and broadcast sowing for wheat planted after rice
      Sun Quan-de, Bai You-shan, Han Jun-jie
      1999, 7(3): 74-76.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecoagiculture:The strategy choice for rural development in Honghu City
      He Ben-shou, Cui Shi-bin
      1999, 7(3): 77-81.
      Abstract PDF
      The construction of eco-agriculture and the sustainable development on Loess Plateau
      Lu Zeng-lan, Lu Zong-fan
      1999, 7(3): 77-79.
      Abstract PDF
      Water and soil conservation and eco-agriculture construction
      Yue Hong-guang, Qi Ji-zhong, Zhao Yong-chun
      1999, 7(3): 80-81.
      Abstract PDF
      Patterns and programming for ecoagricultural divisions in Jiansu Province
      Li Hai-feng
      1999, 7(3): 82-84.
      Abstract PDF
      Turning to the road of intensive eco-agriculture
      Li Qian-de
      1999, 7(3): 82-83.
      Abstract PDF
      , Zhu Zhiwu, Wang Jianming, Guo Zhihe, Hua Banan
      1999, 7(3): 84-86.
      Abstract PDF
      A review on eco-economic development for Hengshui Lake
      Zhao Shan-qing
      1999, 7(3): 85-87.
      Abstract PDF
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