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      1997, 5(4): 7-10.
      Abstract PDF
      Summing up experiences to increase the standard of eco-agricultural county construction
      Guo Shutian
      1997, 5(4): 11-13.
      Abstract PDF
      Application of systems engineering for the development of eco-agricultural construction
      Zhang Xiangshu
      1997, 5(4): 14-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Several suggestions on current eco-agricultural construction
      Zhao Wenhuan
      1997, 5(4): 18-19.
      Abstract PDF
      Modelling soil warer dynamics of dryland wheat under different annual rainfall conditions in hilly loess plateau of south Shanxi
      Zhou Naijian, Miao Guoyuan, Yin Jun, Lu Bu
      1997, 5(4): 20-23.
      Abstract PDF
      Sulfur requirements of rape seedlings with various backgrounds of seed glucosinolate contents
      Wang Qjngren, Li Jiyun, Lin Bao
      1997, 5(4): 24-28.
      Abstract PDF
      Material flux of agro-forestry systems on slope iu hilly regions of Sichuan basin
      Xiang Chenghua
      1997, 5(4): 29-32.
      Abstract PDF
      Analysts of the ecological and economic benefits of different tillage systems in arid and semi-arid regions
      Ma Damin, Wang Xiu, Ning Jizhou, Sun Haiguo
      1997, 5(4): 33-35.
      Abstract PDF
      Classification of meteorological calamity degree for three crops and division of calamity loss rate in Hebei Province
      Liu Llan, Wang Wei, Liu Dongdu, Guo Yingchun, Yan Yiling
      1997, 5(4): 36-39.
      Abstract PDF
      The impacts of climate change on agrlcultural production in Tibet during the recent thirty years
      Du Jun
      1997, 5(4): 40-44.
      Abstract PDF
      A preliminary study on the differentiation mechanisms of soil salinity and plant community of microtopography
      Hu Chunsheng, Wang Zhiping
      1997, 5(4): 45-49.
      Abstract PDF
      Investigation of aquatic environmental quality and analysis of the dynamics of pollutants in coastal zone--A case study from Haixing County,Hebei Province
      Li Huiying, Liu Guosheng, Cao Jian
      1997, 5(4): 50-53.
      Abstract PDF
      A preliminary study on the spatial distribution of soil salt in puddy coastal zone
      Zhang Yumiming, Liu Jintong, Han Qinghua
      1997, 5(4): 54-57.
      Abstract PDF
      A preliminary study on the distribution characters of plant community in Bohai seashore plain
      Chen Suying, Feng Xuezan
      1997, 5(4): 58-61.
      Abstract PDF
      The administration and management system for comprehensive development of hilly red soil areas--A case study from the experimental region in Qianyan,Jiangxi Province
      Lou Huixin
      1997, 5(4): 62-64.
      Abstract PDF
      Optimum models for eco-agriculture in north Shandong Province-A case study from Matou Village,Zouping County
      Zhang Jianfang, Li Xiufen
      1997, 5(4): 65-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Compound eco-agricultural model and its engineering techniques for high yield farmland in Changtu County Liaoning Province
      Liu Changyu, Sun Yanfei
      1997, 5(4): 68-74.
      Abstract PDF
      Taking the ways of combination of eco-agriculture with agricultural industrialization
      Liu Yan, Shang Haiyan, Zou Dechen, Yan Zhongwu
      1997, 5(4): 75-78.
      Abstract PDF
      Construction of eco-agriculture for promoting sustainable agricultural development
      Sui Guowen
      1997, 5(4): 79-81.
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