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      1995, 3(1): 1-4.
      Abstract PDF
      1995, 3(1): 5-7.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological Problems in Forestry and Strategies for its Development in China
      Tao Siming
      1995, 3(1): 8-12.
      Abstract PDF
      On Solving Rural Domestic Energy Source Problems in China
      Wang Zhengzhou
      1995, 3(1): 13-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Geometrical Characteristics of Crop Colony in Northwest Shandong Plain
      Dong Zenguo, Liu Ruiwen
      1995, 3(1): 18-22.
      Abstract PDF
      Middle Route South to North Water Transfer and Sustainable Agricultural Development in North China Plain
      You Maozheng, Yu Xiaoliang, Wang Huixiao
      1995, 3(1): 23-27.
      Abstract PDF
      On Variation of the Distribution and Forms of Cu,Zn,Ni,and Mn in Soil Profile
      Ding Weixin
      1995, 3(1): 28-33.
      Abstract PDF
      Impacts of Appling Zinc with Different Methods on Zinc Content and Yield of Wheat
      Zhou Wei
      1995, 3(1): 34-38.
      Abstract PDF
      Population Dynamics of Citrus Rhizosphere Microorganisms and Rhizosphere Effect
      Zuo Huaqing, Wang Zishun
      1995, 3(1): 39-47.
      Abstract PDF
      Comprehensive Benefits of the Compound Agricultural and Forest Ecosystem in Raoyang Experimental Area in Huang-Huai-Hai Plan
      Liu Yamin, Zhang Junying, Wu Bingqi
      1995, 3(1): 48-52.
      Abstract PDF
      The Influencing Factors to Dry Land Rice Production in Salinized and Easily Waterlogged Lowland--A case study from Qiwanmu of Nanpi County,Hebei Province
      Sun Jialing, Ma Yongqing, Zhao Changsheng, Chen Hongen, Shinobu Inanaga, Kazuyoshi Takeda
      1995, 3(1): 53-57.
      Abstract PDF
      Structure Models and Economic Benefits of Representative Ecological Households
      Qiu Ling
      1995, 3(1): 58-62.
      Abstract PDF
      Preserving and Utilizing Natural Enemy for Ecoagricultural Development--Integrated Control of Cotton bollworm by Conservation and Encouragement of Natural Enemies
      Nan Liuzhu
      1995, 3(1): 63-66.
      Abstract PDF
      Genetic Analysis of Yield Components of Different Types of Foxtail Millet
      Ji Guisu
      1995, 3(1): 67-71.
      Abstract PDF
      Yield and Economic Benefit of Corn Ground Covered with Plastic Film in Zhangye City,Gansu Province
      Xu Cuncai
      1995, 3(1): 72-75.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaporation and Transpiration in Farmland
      Zhang Li
      1995, 3(1): 76-78.
      Abstract PDF
      1995, 3(1): 79-80.
      Abstract PDF
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