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      1994, 2(4): 1-5.
      Abstract PDF
      Some Problems in Ecological Aricultural County Planning
      WU Wen-liang, LI Guo-xue, GUO Xiang-dong
      1994, 2(4): 6-9.
      Abstract PDF
      On the Conformable Functions of Agroecosystem
      CHENG Zhi-shan
      1994, 2(4): 10-13.
      Abstract PDF
      Biodiversity and Agroforestry Management in China
      LOU An-ru
      1994, 2(4): 14-17.
      Abstract PDF
      Stabilizing Machanisms for Livestock Production System
      ZHANG Yun-tao, FANG De-luo
      1994, 2(4): 18-21.
      Abstract PDF
      Study on Rational Land Use for Comprehensive Agro-development--A Case Study from Jixian County,Shanxi Province
      BAO Xiao-bin
      1994, 2(4): 22-27.
      Abstract PDF
      The Effects of Microgeomorphology on Soil Formation and Agricultural Utilization in Modern Yellow River Delta
      YUAN Fang-yao
      1994, 2(4): 28-33.
      Abstract PDF
      Material-flow Structure and Nitrogen-recycling Efficiency of Kangji Ecological Farm
      ZNOU Zhi-xiang, ZHU Zhao-hua, LU Xing-yu, LIU Jin-long
      1994, 2(4): 34-42.
      Abstract PDF
      Microclimate in the Downland Region of Taihang Mountains and the Construction of Artifical Vegetation
      LIU Jin-tong, CAI Hong, YUN Zheng-ming, ZHANG Wan-jun
      1994, 2(4): 43-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Ecological Functions of Diversified Farmland landscape
      LIU Gui-bo, YANG Zong-li
      1994, 2(4): 49-56.
      Abstract PDF
      Evaluation of the Functions of a Compound Agroecosystem
      YUAN Cong-yi, ZHAO Qiang-ji, ZHENG Jian-chu
      1994, 2(4): 57-65.
      Abstract PDF
      Tentative Ideas for Agricultural Development in Sandy Area in the Lower Reaches of Luan River
      DONG Ji-dai, YU Shu-chun
      1994, 2(4): 66-70.
      Abstract PDF
      A Brief Introduction to the Researches on Allelochemicals in Wheat Straw
      HAN Qing-hua, MA Yong-qing
      1994, 2(4): 71-76.
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