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      1994, 2(1): 1-5.
      Abstract PDF
      1994, 2(1): 6-8.
      Abstract PDF
      1994, 2(1): 9-11.
      Abstract PDF
      The Application of Marginal Utility and the Development of High-yield,High-quality and High-benefit Agriculture
      Zhang Shen-shen
      1994, 2(1): 12-15.
      Abstract PDF
      Utilization of Plant Potentialities to Enhance the Bio-efficiency of Phosphorus in Soil
      LIU Jian-zhong, LI Zhen-sheng, LI Ji-yun
      1994, 2(1): 16-23.
      Abstract PDF
      Patterns and Tactics for Agro-economic Development in ECOTONE--A Case Study from Panxi Region in Sichuan Province
      WANG Xiao-guang
      1994, 2(1): 24-30.
      Abstract PDF
      The Change of Precipitation During the Recent 40 Years and Its Influences on Climatic Productivity in China
      PAN Ya-ru, GAO Su-hua, GUO Jian-ping
      1994, 2(1): 31-36.
      Abstract PDF
      Influence Factors to Agricultural Technical Innovation in China
      Wang Pei-zhi, Huang Huang
      1994, 2(1): 37-42.
      Abstract PDF
      The probe of the Ten-years Eco-agricultural Practice in Jilin Province
      LI En-ze, ZHANG Yu-fen, LIU Hai-feng
      1994, 2(1): 43-48.
      Abstract PDF
      Nutrient Contents in Paulownia and Soil and Their Effects on Witches'Broom
      Ding Wei-xin
      1994, 2(1): 49-55.
      Abstract PDF
      Position and Functions of Anaerobic Digestion in Eco-agriculture
      ZHANG Wu-di, ZONG De-bin, SONG Hong-chuan
      1994, 2(1): 56-61.
      Abstract PDF
      Corn Starch Gel and Plant Tissue Culture I. Effects of Corn Starch Gel Medium on Differentiation and Growth of Malus Zumi and M26
      JIAO Shun-xing, CHEN Wen-long
      1994, 2(1): 62-67.
      Abstract PDF
      Potential Productivity of Light and Heat Resources and Its Utilization in Winter Wheat Field
      SHI Hong-zhi, WANG Tong-zhao
      1994, 2(1): 68-72.
      Abstract PDF
      Comparision of Root Characters of Different Winter Wheat Varieties Under Different Soil Water Conditions
      ZHANG Xi-ying, WANG Shao-ren
      1994, 2(1): 73-76.
      Abstract PDF
      A Study Yield Model of Rice Growing on Long-cultivated Land in Zhangye City,Gansu Province
      XU Cun-cai, WANG Hei-fong, PAN Jin-sheng
      1994, 2(1): 77-80.
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