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      Prospects For Agricultural Modernization in China--Modern Intensive Sustainable Agriculture
      Lu Liang-shu
      1993, 1(3): 1-7.
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      Market Economy and Systems Engineering for Natural Resource Management
      Zhang Xiang-shu
      1993, 1(3): 8-13.
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      A Discussion on the Eco-agricultural Ways for Comprehensive Agricultural Development in Huanghuaihai Plain
      QI Xin-shan, WEI Xue-wu
      1993, 1(3): 14-19.
      Abstract PDF
      Rainwater Resource And Its Utilization in Eco-agriculture
      LIU Chang-ming, MOU Hai-sheng
      1993, 1(3): 20-26.
      Abstract PDF
      The Vertical Climatic Habitat Zones in Mountainous Regions in South-western Hubei Province
      TAN Chuan-feng, ZHANG An-lu
      1993, 1(3): 27-34.
      Abstract PDF
      Light Distribution in Crop-tree Intercropping Area and its Agricultural Value
      LIU Nai-zhuang
      1993, 1(3): 35-40.
      Abstract PDF
      The Effects of Crop Structure Adjustment on Agricultural Disaster Reduction Decision
      GUO Jian-ping, GAO Su-hua, PAN Ya-ru
      1993, 1(3): 41-47.
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      A Reasearch on the pattern of Bco-breeding for Livestock
      ZHANG Zhi-wu
      1993, 1(3): 48-51.
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      A Comparative Analysis of the Soil Erosion and Water Runoff in Three Small Watersheds in Gaozhou Reservoir,Guangtong province
      LI Hua-shou, LUO Shi-ming
      1993, 1(3): 52-57.
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      The Effects of Microorganisms on Eco-agriculture
      HU Shang-qin
      1993, 1(3): 58-62.
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      The Characteristics of Farmland Terra Nera Ecosystem
      MENG Kai, LIU Hong-xiang, WANG De-lu
      1993, 1(3): 63-68.
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      A study on the Ecological Effects of Joint Pollution of Cd,Pb,Cu,Zn in soil
      LI Hui-ying, CHEN Su-ying, WANG Huo
      1993, 1(3): 69-73.
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      Eco-agriculture Practice and Green Food Development in Liuminying Village
      ZHANG Kui-cheng, ZHANG Xi-qing, ZHANG Guang-hui, ZHOU Jing-ru
      1993, 1(3): 74-78.
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