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      The Ecological Agriculture and Its Development in China
      Tao Siming
      1993, 1(2): 1-5.
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      1993, 1(2): 6-9.
      Abstract PDF
      Characteristics of Ecological Agriculture Practice in Zhejiang Province
      Xue Yuzhong, Li Huimin, Zhang Jianrong
      1993, 1(2): 10-14.
      Abstract PDF
      Chinese Agricultural Modernization and the Analysis of the Eco-economy at Its Different Developing Stage
      Shen Hengli, Kang Xiaoguang, Zhang Weidong
      1993, 1(2): 15-26.
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      A Tentative Idea About the Framevork of Eco-economic Theory Under the Adjustment of Market Economy
      Jiang Xuemin, Zhang Anlu
      1993, 1(2): 27-30.
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      A Study on the Obstructions,Regularity and Counter-measures of Sustainable Agricultural Development in China
      Wang Hong-guang
      1993, 1(2): 31-39.
      Abstract PDF
      Desertification Problem and Its Control Strategy in Northern China
      Dong Yuxiang, Zhu Zhenda
      1993, 1(2): 40-45.
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      An Eco-agricultural Plan for Water Environment Protection in Hill Area——A Case Study from Wendeng
      Mou Haisheng, Cheng Jian
      1993, 1(2): 46-50.
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      The Agricultural Model for the Water-deficit Region in the Lower Plain of the Haihe River Basin
      Tian Kuixiang
      1993, 1(2): 51-57.
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      The Allocation Structure of an Eco-agricultural Resource-saving Model
      Lu Fubao, Wang Shaoren
      1993, 1(2): 58-62.
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      Correlative Analysis of the Relationship of the Comprehensive Exploitation the Rural Energy Resources and the Development of the Rural Economy in Huabei Plain
      Luo Zhentao, Lou Binggang, Cui Jianwei
      1993, 1(2): 63-69.
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      Studies on the Regional Distribution of the Main Superior Pear Cultivars and Their Optimum Ecological Indexes in China
      Hu Guoqian, Chen Kai, Zhou Weizhou, Li Yuquan, Zhu Youquan, Li Qing, Xu Chengyue
      1993, 1(2): 70-73.
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      The Development of the Wasteland and Its Optimum Scale Management--Hints from Developing Wasteland in Nanpi County,Hebei Province
      Chen Hong-en et al
      1993, 1(2): 74-80.
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      Effecots of Doubled CO2 Level on the Growth and Development of Rice(Oryza sativa L,cv.Aixiangnuo)
      Fu Kai, Cao Jianzhong, Bai Kezhi
      1993, 1(2): 81-83.
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      A Study on the Rooting Method of Test-tube Plantlet by Air-culture and Its Application to Industrialized Micropropagation
      Chen Wenlong, Feng Xuezan, Liu Liqiu
      1993, 1(2): 84-88.
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      Utilization of the Water Absorbent in Water-saving Agriculture
      Shi Lanbo, Li Yunyin
      1993, 1(2): 89-93.
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